Author: Adeel Baig

God of War – Review

In this review I am going to give you my opinion of the new God of War and some of the elements of the game. First let’s start off with the gameplay, in God of War the gameplay style isn’t the same as in the previous entries, what I mean by that is in the previous God of War games, the camera angles were fixed locations while in the new one it is over the protagonist’s shoulder. Now, fighting in the God of War is also different in the way, you can’t just spam multiple combos, there is a...

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Are Single Player Games Still Popular?

Would you say that single player games as a whole are still a big experience for the average gamer? For me I would say that for the average gamer, single player games are not a game that they would pick up and play unless it is already a well-known property (like God of War, Assassins Creed and Wolfenstein) then maybe they will pick those games up if they are getting a little burnt out from the games they are playing for the time being. My reason for thinking this is look at the most popular games at the moment,...

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Should Video Games Have Long-Term Support?

Should video games have long-term support? I’m going to be talking about if games with long term support would be a good thing for the company and for the players or if it would be a bad thing. First, I’m going to start off with an example of a game with long-term support; Monster Hunter: World. It has a 1-year plan at the moment where they said they are going to make content for the game and in that 1-year plan there are rumours that there is going to be a few new areas and plenty more new monsters...

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Review

This is my review for Kingdom Come: Deliverance. In the review I’m going to give my opinion on the game, some back story to the game and the experience I’ve had so far with the game. Kingdom Come Deliverance is a first-person RPG style of game, the best way to describe the game is “like Skyrim but on steroids”. My reason for that is Kingdom Come is a very down to earth game, you aren’t some special hero who can wield magic and take on hoards of enemies all on your own. The game is set in early 15th...

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Monster Hunter: World – Review

In this review I’m going to give you some information about the game and then my opinion on this game and whether it’s a game I think you should pick up and play. The basis of Monster Hunter: World is in the title, you hunt monsters. Now there is a process to this, you first have to kill the weakest monster that you can handle then once you have killed it, you skin it or capture it (capturing the beast will yield more rewards), you will receive the monster’s parts like horns, tail and carapace to name a few...

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