Author: Adeel Baig

Monster Hunter: World – Review

In this review I’m going to give you some information about the game and then my opinion on this game and whether it’s a game I think you should pick up and play. The basis of Monster Hunter: World is in the title, you hunt monsters. Now there is a process to this, you first have to kill the weakest monster that you can handle then once you have killed it, you skin it or capture it (capturing the beast will yield more rewards), you will receive the monster’s parts like horns, tail and carapace to name a few...

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Loot Boxes in the Gaming Industry, are they Accepted by Players?

This is a very heated topic in the gaming industry at the moment because of EA’s big move with Star Wars Battlefront II. It began with EA adding in loot boxes into Star Wars Battlefront II, that doesn’t seem so bad does it? But players started to realise what you can unlock with these loot boxes they weren’t just cosmetic items (what a fair number of gamers accept), you could also earn something called Star Cards and these Star Cards can give you a slight advantage over a player that didn’t buy loot boxes, this led to a very...

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