Author: Alexander Manco-Cox

Finally! More Couch Gaming!!

Local cooperative gaming or couch gaming is when you gather friends around and have a gaming session where it allows you to not only play games but be more sociable whilst being entertained. This concept of two players started with early games such as Tennis for Two (1958), Pong (1972) and Astro Race (1973); these allowed players to play against or with each other which opened up a whole new era of gaming. Since consoles such as the XBox 360 and PS3 have been released and the idea of full online play has destroyed all chances of couch gaming...

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How Essential Are Stories in Video Games to You?

Conveying a story within a game consists of immersing the player in the game, compelling them to follow a connected series of events. These events will have a start and an end (unless there is DLC or it’s an MMORPG) with some essence of a plot, classically between a hero and villain. These are the basics within almost all storytelling media. Within some games, I have recently experienced that the story aspect has been thrown out the window. There may be characters and a goal but something stops the player from caring about the why, who and how. This...

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