Author: Alistair Mann

Virtual Reality.

With Virtual Reality slowly creeping into our lives, of course I had to do an article on where the technology is and where I can go.                                                 (picture from Derren Brown’s Ghost Train)   Derren Brown’s Ghost Train This is the next step to theme park rides as a whole, where you can be and do anything, or have anything done to you. After not having a ghost train in Thorpe Park since Phantom Fantasia (1983 –...

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Diet And Gaming

Want To Game And Stay Healthy? While we all love our Doritos and easy snacks that we can just reach for and munch, let’s be honest they ain’t the best for us, are they?   So we here at Enemy of Boredom thought why not help you guys out with some tips and tricks on how to keep healthy and game at the same time.   Keeping your brain on top form. There are many foods that keep your brain healthy and, let’s not lie, after god knows how many hours playing games we all feel drained (as well...

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