Author: Ben Morrisey

Derren Brown and the Ghost Train – Can the Paranormal be Real?

Derren Brown, The Ghost Train and the Paranormal – Can it be Real? Thorpe Park has been playing host to a very special attraction this year. Derren Brown’s Ghost Train – Rise of the Demon Is a highly sensory and interactive re-imagining of what a Ghost Train is, and could be. While I cannot reveal any details of what the experience entails, I can tell you that you do indeed, come face-to-face with the sort of things one may only see in our Nightmares… So I have to pose the Question, Can the Paranormal truly exist? Throughout history there...

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Classic Games that Should never be Forgotten

Classic Titles that either bring about huge Nostalgia or helped revolutionise the gaming industry during their time. Doom Doom, released in 1993 for PC, is considered the defining first-person shooter, Inspiring many more games like it, most notably Quake, which would eventually become Team Fortress. The series focuses on the survival of an unnamed space marine (Sometimes referred to as “Doomguy”) who works for the Union Aerospace Corporation (UAC),throughout the game, you must fight hordes of demons and the undead in order to stay alive. Graphically, although Doom appears to be a 3D game using 2D sprites in place...

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