Author: Gavin Freeman

Fallout 76: More Details Revealed at QuakeCon 2018

Development Director Chris Meyer, Project Leader Jeff Gardiner, and Game Director Todd Howard take us through the new information regarding Fallout 76 at QuakeCon 2018. Fallout 76, first announced at Bethesda’s E3 conference, is an open world RPG with systemic and survival qualities. Every character you see is a real human that’s playing the game. The game will use Quake 3’s engine network code as the basis for Fallout 76’s online features. As normal in Fallout games, you will be able to fully customize your character with an improved character creator, and you can do this the way you...

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Magic: The Gathering Arena – First look

First Look at the digital version of the popular card game, Magic: The Gathering Arena. Magic: The Gathering is a trading card game created by Wizards of the Coast. You are a Planeswalker, a being (usually a Mage or Sorcerer) who had a dormant spark in them that enabled them to travel to different planes of existence once it ignited. These beings control lands and use the Mana from those lands to summon various creatures, use Spells or Artifacts to beat other Planeswalkers. Each card features beautiful artwork, for that fact alone these cards are very collectable. Magic: The...

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San Diego Comic Con 2018 – Upcoming Releases

The best upcoming releases from San Diego Comic Con 2018.   It’s that time of year when we all come together to find out about the latest TV shows, movies and games; straight from the studio’s themselves. Artists, nerds, geeks and fans of all stripes congregate in San Diego California for the one and only San Diego Comic Con (or SDCC) and today I bring you a list of upcoming releases and their release dates, unfortunately due to the huge scale of the event and the shear number of releases I can’t possibly cover them all. So I am...

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Top 10 Games of 2018 So Far

E3 has passed and it has brought us an exciting look at what’s to come this year. So lets take a look at what we already have and decide which are the top 10 games of 2018 so far. 1. Surviving Mars A fun settlement/city simulator created by Paradox Interactive that had a rocky early access where you must create a colony on Mars and keep your colonists alive. 2. Stellaris: Distant Stars Story Pack Another Paradox Interactive game, take to the stars and command vast armies of spaceships, you must lead your civilization to greatness, and be the last...

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E3 2018 – Every Big Announcement From Bethesda

Rage 2 gameplay feature, surprise live performance from Andrew W.K. Bethesda’s press conference began with Pete Hines VP of PR walking out on stage, and whimsically announcing Rage 2 as their first game. To my and the audience’s apparent shock what we got was a metal band in the form of Andrew W.K. playing an altered version of their song “Ready to Die”, while the Rage 2 trailer played on the screen. It was a very energetic performance. Doom Eternal, a sequel to Doom (2016). Next up we had Doom Eternal, featuring more demons, hell on earth and a...

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