Author: Gavin Freeman

Rage 2 Teaser Trailer Released!

For the past couple of weeks, @bethesda has been teasing various stock images that kept making references to 14/5/2018. So like any good writer I went back to their twitter and my reward for doing so? It’s full of videos and images revealing a new game, Rage 2 ahead of E3, the Mecca of game developers and gamers alike. Rage 2, a sequel to Rage; a first person shooter action-adventure game set in a post apocalyptic wasteland. The game is developed by Id Software known for several popular first person shooters (Doom, Quake and Castle Wolfenstein) it wouldn’t be...

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The Future of Air Travel is Bright

Airport travel in is set to evolve in the near future, as with all other industries that embrace the coming golden era of AI. With the rapid expansion of airports use and the amount of customers that they must serve daily, the technology is a welcome improvement as physical space for an airport to grow is limited. Recent news has has been circulating about a variety of technological improvements that spell the end of airport congestion and wait times. The first casualty of the new and improved systems, is the passport. Within 10 to 20 years, no longer will...

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Halo Warfleet – Review

A few weeks back, I purchased Halo Warfleet, a hardcover art book for the Halo franchise, one of Microsoft’s flagship titles developed initially by Bungie and then by 343 Industries. The art book in question, Halo Warfleet, is a sizeable tome that carries artwork and cross-sections of the Halo universe’s species, their ships, planets, space stations, other vehicles and their armaments. Although this is an art book, it is also a guidebook on the various topics above, the lore of the planets and even technologies like the slipstream drive. The cover features silver embossed lettering for the title and...

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AI, Cybernetics & Transhumanism: The Bright Future or the apocalypse for the Human Species?

Cybernetics & Transhumanism. Disclaimer: This is to inform you that I am heavily pro AI, Cybernetics and Transhumanism. I will be attempting to provide a balanced view despite my bias. AI, Cybernetics and Transhumanism: To many, these technologies seem far off and a little bit scary for them. I am here to argue the positive side of these technologies and try my best to articulate what issues the detractors have with the technology. First off; AI, cybernetics and Transhumanism, are technologies that are already here, we have self-driving cars already nearing completion, we have drones that can deliver and...

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Re:Creators – First Impressions

Produced: Aniplex, Magic Capsule, Shogakukan, ABC Animation From studio TROYCA I had been looking over anime that I had wanted to watch recently and came across an anime named Re:Creators. So, I put my feet up and began watching. The story stars Souta Mizushino, a high school student in Japan aspiring to be a writer and illustrator of his own light novel (Japanese novels that are 50,000 words and printed in A6 aimed at young adults). One day while watching anime for inspiration, Souta is transported temporarily into the fierce fight taking place. When he returns, he finds that...

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