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Thorpe park – from idea to Virtual reality

Derren Brown’s VR experience!     Let’s talk Derren Brown and his new vr experience at Thorpe park and lets look at VR in other theme parks too.                                                                                                                                                ...

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Let’s get into some robotics!

Tech from then to now! This week we will be covering Robots. Specifically Humanoid robots, from where it started and what’s upcoming for the entertainment industry. Let’s get into some robotics! The history of robotics, specifically humanoid types dates back as far as medieval times with Automatons. Human like figures that could run using hidden mechanisms. These “mechanisms” were used to create the illusion of self movement. These were used to swing their axes to strike the bell’s of their time. Jumping ahead to 1997 Honda created the P3, their second step in creating ASIMO – ( the final...

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New and best in PC Tech

Newest in upcoming Tech for your gaming PC’s AMD Radeon RX Vega Graphics card   AMD’s upcoming GPU could be the next best thing for the PC gaming front, while there have been no big information coming from AMD themselves , there have been a few leaks that are really promising to potentially compete with Nvidia. The latest in its performance is that it will launch twice as fast as the the older AMD Radeon RX 580 which ran at 1,257MHz base clock. We’re also looking at 8GB of High bandwidth-memory. In short we still don’t know all the nitty gritty...

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