Author: Kurt Kestell

Cutest Baby Animals

Need for daily cuteness fix? Here are some baby animals to fulfill you desires until your hearts content!   Baby Chinchilla   Baby Dik-Dik   Baby Hedgehog   Baby Kentish Plover   Baby Pangolin   Baby Prairie Dogs   Baby Silky Anteater   Crane Chick     Puppy   Baby Rabbit Baby Degu Baby...

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How to game and stay healthy

How to game and stay healthy. What’s the top brain foods for optimum power, stamina and mental agility? How to burn Calories whilst you game, foods to improve/maintain your vision whilst spending a long time on a screen. Want to Game and burn kcals??? The basics of nutrition are that we need energy to grow, move and pretty much live in general. Food gives this energy to us which is measured in kilo calories (kcal) and the three things you need to know are: A calorie deficit (less intake of calories than is burned) means fat and muscle loss;...

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