Author: Molly Richards

Fearful and Fearless

Fear, it’s an instinct that resides in all of us. But why do we feel fear and why do some seek fear. During a trip to Thorpe Park I spoke to various guest to find out what ride they feared the most and why? So what is fear? How does it work? The emotion of fear is hardwired into all creatures. These questions plagued my mind as I asked several guest of Thorpe Park to share their thoughts on the rides that they feared. Markus “Nemesis Inferno, your legs are dangling. You got to trust that you put your...

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Cars Life Vs Games

CARS From the showroom to your console Driving cars requires a licence, cost a lot to maintain and insurance is high for all first time drivers. Which is why racing games such as Forza and Need For Speed are popular as they allow you to drive any car you desire. But how well do these games transfer the real statistics from the cars themselves, are they true to life or just a marketing ploy. After all the games need the manufacturers licence to use logo and the vehicles themselves. So here is how some cars match up with there...

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Batman: The Tell Tale Series Review

Batman: The TellTale series is a new take on the dark knight. As each choice you make has an impact on the overall story.   Plot The game is set in earlier in Batman’s crusade giving the developers a lot of room to be creative with characters. To tell a new story about Batman is no easy task and TellTale succeeded by making players choices matter. The characters in the game are fleshed out and test the morality of both Bruce Wayne and Batman. At times the story deviates from the main plot to give unneeded exposition to Catwoman…...

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