Author: Pacha Tehrani

The progression of the Joker (On screen actors)

The Joker, the clown prince of crime, the harlequin of hate, an agent of chaos and the only one that seems to get the joke… It’s fair to say that the Joker is one of the most iconic super villains that has ever graced the movie screen, from the quirky and strange criminal to be stopped by the Adam West Batman to the raging psychopath capable of holding an entire building hostage. Yes, the Joker should not be taken lightly. In turn it is understandable that many people are very critical of actors that dare to step into the shoes of...

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Top 10 – Fastest roller coasters in the world

#10 – Intimidator 305 Intimidator 305 is the tallest and speediest crazy ride in East Coast of United States. Situated at Kings Dominion amusement stop in Virginia. Intimidator 305 remaining at tallness of 305 feet. That is taller than the Eiffel tower imitation close to the recreation center. The principal drop of Intimidator measures 300 feet and has a most extreme plunge point of 85 degree. At top speed Intimidator 305 achieves 90 mph. It was opened on second April 2010. Around the same time, diversion today voted Intimidator 305 as ‘Best new thrill ride of 2010’. Intimidator 305...

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Overwatch – Review

Overview Overwatch, a 6v6 team based arena FPS shooter which makes you keep coming back time and time again whether you win or lose. It is a well designed game with many different characters to choose from (21 with more to come). The game is much more than a “shoot em up” style FPS, it engages your creative strategist within. You are to think tactically and carefully about the character selection and team communication is key if you are to truly master the game. Many people claim that certain characters within the game are overpowered and unbalanced, however this...

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