Author: Rhiannon Bland

8 Of The Best Mobile Gaming Apps!

Whether it be waiting for your bus, on your break or just passing time, we’ve all played games on our phone. Even the earliest models with a screen had games. Lets have a look at some of the most popular games from Nokia to iOS and Android. Snake- 1997 Who hasn’t played Snake? Stemming from an arcade game published in 1976, Nokia was the first to put the game onto a phone, programmed in 1997 and installed on to the Nokia 6110. While most look upon the game with fond memories we cannot forget the frustration this game caused!...

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Tastiest Underrated Foods From Around The World

Who’s hungry? Yeah me too… Like all the time. Well then let’s all celebrate our love of food with a run down of the world’s tastiest, most mouthwatering cuisines that you may not have heard of continent by continent. Europe Francesinha – Portugal Let me just warn you, this is a meal and a half, not just a light snack… Just imagine a steak sandwich, with chorizo, ham, sausage and a rich tomato sauce, drenched in melted edam, with a fried egg on the top… Thats Francesinha!   Asia 
Paksiyo Baboy Bisaya- Phillipines This is a little different to...

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Discounted Thorpe Park Tickets For Young Voters

With young people’s interest in politics dwindling after only 43% of 18-24 year olds voting in the last general election and 36% in the referendum it is vital that we find ways to encourage young people to take their opportunity to have a say in local and national politics. Doing their bit, Surrey theme park Thorpe Park is offering £20 tickets, under half the price of their usual £52.50 day tickets, to people aged between 18-24 who have registered to vote. These tickets will be valid from the 22nd-25th May. It is yet unknown how many people took Thorpe...

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