Author: Simran Gill

The Beat of Gaming

Rhythm in Gaming. Rhythm in gaming has always been a big deal. Some of the very first games such as Pong, and Donkey Kong are built off learning a rhythm, and playing according to it. Rhythm Games vs. Rythm in gaming Rhythm games and rhythm in gaming are two slightly different things. Rhythm games such as Osu!, or Guitar hero are built upon keeping in time with the music. Sound effects are obviously the main basis for the game, and often, specific parts of the songs (such as the bass or drums) are boosted in order to aid with game...

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Are MOBAs Too Hard?

What’s a MOBA? MOBA stands for “multiplayer online battle arena”, but usually takes the form of a 5v5 game, on a map, with 3 lanes. Notable examples include Defence of the Ancients 2 (Dota 2), Smite, League of Legends (LoL), and Heroes of the Storm (HotS). What makes them hard? Ranging from 140-90 characters in each game, the first mountain for a new casual player to conquer is learning about each of them. Every character has 4-8 abilities, making these games mechanically difficult, and more are released every few patches. Once you understand what characters do, you then begin...

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