Battlefield V will have more destructible environments and a battle royale mode.

EA released there whole new take and direction for the battlefield franchise and this seems very interesting.

FIFA 19 announced, out on 28th September.

A newly added FIFA instalment, with the newly added champions league.

Unravel Two sees the return of Yarny, this time for a co-op adventure and is out now!!!

A new chapter for out little yarn friend. This time features co-op and more action packed sections, you can still play single player. It’s also out right now!

Sea of Solitude is a game about loneliness

A new small indie team bringing a game about the feelings of loneliness. This seems very interesting and the art looks lovely.


Anthem is the new IP from EA Bioware, a new take on Destiny style of gameplay and progression. We shall see how it turns out.