Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring is no joke, in many major cities around the world flooding is a major cause of stress to families who are trying to make a living. Having the knowledge of disasters will be a major key to the survival from mother nature’s wrath. Smart cities like Oxford suffered from a large event in February 2014 costing a economic loss of 50 million, cutting off majors roads in Oxford. The rise in water is due to the weather so for safety reasons having smart sensors placed around known flood locations will increase the chances of knowing when a possible flood will take place. Flooding varies where you are in a city and they all depend on water lines running through your city.

The design tech company Nominet designs smart sensors which provide warnings and this data is passed through sensor stations around a city in and around your area. Nominet have prototypes of smaller devices with wider coverage and with advantages of more data being passed through to stations and constant surveillance and safety.

How can the public get involved ?

The public can access a map of the flood network for their city and in real time the map will update you with flood levels.  The map shows warnings from increased levels of water with date and times of each day showing past and present charts from any devices, this is all thanks to the technology of the smart sensors collecting the data. Technology is always advancing, as is the monitoring devices used to sense the rise in water levels, so therefore adapting for wider coverage in and around cites would provide more flow of data to the station.

Smart car parking system

There are an increasing number of vehicles on the road and not enough parking spaces for the public and the fact of the matter is that not everyone can see parking spaces from parking infrastructures and have to take more time out searching to park their vehicles. One of Nominet projects to help with parking is smart sensors in the middle of parking spaces that are magnetized to detect vehicles parking on top of the devices, this sensor uses IOT (Internet of Things) technology and Nwaves Weightless-N tells the computer what spaces have been taken and shows what spaces are available at the Nominet parking area.

How can employees see parking spaces without being there ?

Employees at Nominet can use a real time map to check what spaces are available then and ahead of time, the system calculates the movement of the availability and patterns of spaces to predict what spaces will go and what spaces will be free. This will also inform you when/if all the spaces are filled up then you can park elsewhere ahead of time.

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Future of parking sensors ?

Future designs for Nominet for their smart parking systems could be improved by having just one sensor for each section of the car park. How they could improve on a design could consist of something similar to a retinal scanner but this device could scan vehicles in the area and collect the data to show what cars are in the spaces and show a map in real time similar to the device being used now in Nominet car park.