EOB was invited to visit the internet company Nominet. First off who are Nominet? Well Nominet is a company that deals with domain names in other words if you make a website then chances are Nominet are there as you will have to register the name.

But as for my trip to Nominet, I was introduced to a world of different and invigorating ideas the one that intrigued me the most was about Smart Cites a part of the internet of things.

Smart Cities and what they bring.

Now Smart Cities are a bridge for the physical and the digital. How is that you may wonder?

Well, the project Smart Cities involves different but cost efficient sensors that can monitor a wealth of various things such as temperature, river level, parking spaces and how many of a thing in an area the possibilities of possible applications are almost limitless. With these sensors Nominet have put them to the test by placing them in several rivers in Oxford to see if they can help warn for flooding, if the water level gets too high, this can prevent the worst possible outcome and end with minimal damage near by businesses and residential properties that would cost millions to repair.

How can this connect the physical and digital world?

The data the sensors collect has to go somewhere and that is where the two worlds connect as the sensors have small but powerful radios built into them and they transmit every fifteen minutes to Nominet’s servers then take that data to a website that monitor it all, that includes all other data such as how if any parking spaces are available at a certain time or the temperature of an area that the various sensors have collected over the month, week or days.