To understand how important it is for a theme park to provide a wide range of food and eating areas you need to go there to really assess the situation yourself, and that’s what we did, we here at the EOB team went down to Thrope Park to see what was the food situation was.

For starters, the map doesn’t really give a good scale to the distance or proper placing of the food outlets and in reality, most of the food isn’t too far away from each other so there is a good variety with just a short walk in between, all of the food outlets had varied but similar prices, all between £5 – £7 on average, with a few outliers which one offered you actual bugs (ew), so there are some places which justifiably will cost more than others but Thorpe Park does offer a plethora of different types of food, so there is always something for everyone, so if creepy crawlies are your thing, they have you covered there.

Let’s start with Price, that’s what it all filters down to.

All the food in the resort is roughly similar in price, but the cheapest place is a place in Angry Birds Land called “Peckish”


This outlet is pretty easy to get too in relative to the rides, it is in an area which is mainly dominated by just carnival games like bumper cars and the spinning teacups, they offer good food at the lowest price in the park with a Jacket potato meal deal at £5.59 followed by hot dog meal deal, this meal deal varies with each option, the jacket potato allows you to have 2 toppings and any soft drink, which is good as drinks around the park where roughly just over £2 each for a soft drink, where in normal shops you wouldn’t expect a bottle of coke to be over £1.50


Fins bar and grill is the first eating establishment you will see as it is in the main area you have to walk through straight away, and it is Thorpe Parks biggest restaurant and as well offering great views of the park, on sunny days you can sit outside and enjoy the atmosphere, Fin’s is a good place to have a good sit down meal after a long day of thrills, they offer good quality food at a decent price, roughly £8 to £10 for a main meal, it also has a children’s menu as well as some colouring sheets to keep the young’ns occupied, they have a good selection of food and a well-stocked bar which can help you have a good end to any day.


Thorpe Park also houses a few fast food chains, it has two BurgerKings, one located by the Rumba Rapids and the other is in Canada Creek and a KFC which is located by Tidal Wave, the restaurant is pretty easy to spot as it is the one with a shark crashed into it, there isn’t much difference to these chains that differ from how they normally are, they offer good food and are a good place to sit down for a meal and get out of the rain if need be, the only thing is that they seem to offer their food at a slightly higher price, but its still the same good food you can get at any of the other chains around the country, so if you are looking for somewhere reliable and constant, these are the places to go.


Just around the corner of one of the BurgerKings is Desperados Mexican Cantina, here they offer good Mexican fast food at a good price, true Mexican food connoisseurs will be a little disappointed as there is not much in the way of spice but it still offers very tasty food, either way, it doesn’t hold much in the way of children’s meals but it is a well-recommended place to eat and is a good alternative to regular fast food.


Right next door to Desperados is the Inferno’s pizza & pasta buffet, this used to be pizza hut but in 2015 it was reopened under its current name and as buffet, the food here is the most expensive in the park but being a buffet you can eat as much as you want so the price is pretty fair, as long as you eat your money’s worth that is, it is the parks biggest eating space and tends to be on of the busiest so it’s common for queues, if you are only looking for a lunch and not a stomach filler then I would recommend looking elsewhere.


If you’re itching for a bite to eat, you ‘mite’ want to drop by Bush BBQ and Bar.
Bush BBQ and Bar is a nice place to go sit down and enjoy a meal and drink, as long as the weather holds up, due to it being under a large tent it’s not the best at keeping you warm in the cold like buildings typically tend to do, the food here is pretty pricey but that’s due to some of the food will make your skin crawl, this is down to the fact you can get a ‘Bug Pot’, yes that’s right for the low low price of £3 you can get yourself your own pot of creepy crawlies to chow down on, the pot holds a fine, quality selection of mealworms and crickets, this pot also comes with the ‘Bushtucker Burger’ Meal.


Other than that the food here is mostly limited to burgers and ribs, it holds good seating areas so you can easily come here for a full meal. If you can stomach that is.




If you are looking for some good old and reliable English food there is always Amity Fish and Chips which is located by stealth, where you can get your fish and chips, batter sausage and pie, along with some other options too, at a higher price you get some higher quality of food, they have some good indoor seating so its easier to have a sit down meal but the outlet isn’t the biggest so on peak day it will fill up pretty easily.


Amity Kebab is what it says on the tin, if you’re looking for a good kebab this is the place to go, it is also the second closest food outlet to the entrance and is next to Tidal Wave and the Amity Beach, all the kebabs are the same price so there isn’t much worry if you’re picky in what you like and all the kebabs are made with authentic sauces.


Colossus Hot Dogs is literally what it says, large hot dogs and next to the ‘coaster Colossus, they also have chilli pots and sell nachos as well while the meals do have quite a cost on them, they are the colossus size which makes them worth it.


Pulled meat is there for all you meat lovers, they offer a range of pulled meats and allows you to customise your meal and at a good price, it’s well worth dropping by although there isn’t much seating around, it’s best to find somewhere to sit first.


For my personal opinion, I would have to go with Desperados Mexican Cantina, or KFC, for the good food, friendly environment and atmosphere, as well as a good seating area to sit down, chill out and enjoy your meal, not to mention to have a good chat with your friends and family. but all in all, Thorpe Park has lots of good food, but the prices can be steap, but its worth it.