Our lives have been greatly affected by the industrial revolution, especially when considering the level that technology has integrated inTO our everyday life. This, in turn, has many advantages and disadvantages in various fields and aspects.

Despite all the arguments about the bad impact that technology has been causing without us having any control over it. There has been a serious useful application for technology and many of them have really improved the quality of our lives.

One of the most important applications of new technology could be the Smart Cities. Smart Cities are hyper-connected cities technologically equipped to improve the lives of their residents. The Smart City concept is already active in many cities across the world, with different types of smart services keeping residents satisfied.

The application of the system, isn’t easy; there are different levels of planning and application challenges according to the complexity of the infrastructure in each city, and additional financial issues too for country and state. Moreover, some countries have additional restrictions in terms of security and privacy.

I believe that Smart Cities have the potential to completely change the way we live; many projects already are dealing with issues such as streets and traffic control, environment monitoring such as air quality, in turn improves the health sector.

Recently, there are two ‘Smart Cities’ fitting projects that were purposed by company ‘Nominet‘, one of the world’s largest domain name registries based in the UK. The first, is a smart car parking system. This project helps drivers find car parking spaces by providing real-time picture of car parks through an app, along with historical analysis and predictions for future usage. The idea of this project came as a response to the increasing number of vehicles in streets, as stated recently the average UK motorist spends 106 days of their lives searching for on street parking in addition to the cost and environmental impact.

Video source: Nominetnews

Nominet’s second Smart city concept, is a flood warning detection system. This system detects the risk of flooding through measuring the river levels in real-time, then provided residents risks of floods direct to their homes. This type of pre planning will help residents save physical and financial disruptions. Recently in 2014 a flooding event took place in Oxford and caused an estimated £50 million of economic loss.

Image source: nominet.uk

The cost for implanting the different applications of Smart Cities projects is much less than the cost of crisis, with these ‘creative solution finders’, the companies inventing Smart Cities’ applications, there is an endless list for how Smart Cities could be integrated in our lives in the near future.


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