1. The creator of Gran Turismo Kazunori Yamauchi and his team ‘Polyphony Digital’ developed a game before he worked on Gran Turismo for the PlayStation in 1997 the game was called motor toon grand Prix, in December 1994 only released in Japan with the second game released in and outside of Japan around 1996. Omega Boost which was released for the PlayStation in the same year globally 1999. It was the only game that was made by the team he works with that was not a racing game. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kazunori_Yamauchi

2. The team that develops Gran Turismo has around 200 employees.

3. Kazunori started a real racing team and held trials through the game via the GT Academy and held a competition that began in 2008. The first winner was Lucas Ordonez. This program is in collaboration with Nissan.

4. During the time of the game’s development, Kazunori was taking part in a racing driving school; he was very interested in the behavior of the cars.

5. It takes the team a few months to produce the cars within the game.

6. The series overall has sold close to 76.5 million (as of September 30th, 2015).

7. There are different songs for the intro of the game in each region of the world. Gran Turismo 4 in the North America had the song Panama by Van Halen, and in Europe, Reason is Treason Jack Lee version (originally by Kasabian).

8. Since Gran Turismo 6, there has been a collaboration with car companies to make concept cars for GT.

9. In 2013 Kazunori had a street named after him in honor, in the city of Ronda named “Paseo de Kazunori Yamauchi.”

10. As of this year (2017) it’s the 20th anniversary of the series since it first started in 1997.