All the winners of the 2019 IGF Awards.

The winners of the 2019 IGF Awards have been announced, after the nominees were revealed back in January.

Unsurprisingly, puzzle mystery hit Return of the Obra Dinn was the star of the show, winning the Seumas McNally Grand Prize, netting the game a cash prize of $30,000. Additionally, Return of the Obra Dinn also took home the award for Excellence in Narrative, making it the only game to win multiple awards.

Interestingly, puzzle programming game Opus Magnum wins the award for Excellence in Design. Whilst puzzle game Mirror Drop wins Excellence in Visual Art.

The ID@Xbox Gaming Heroes Award was posthumously awarded to Jerry Lawson for his outstanding contributions to the gaming industry. Jerry Lawson was best known for pioneering the commercial video game cartridge.

Unfortunately, Do Not Feed the Monkeys, Noita, and Hypnospace Outlaw all failed to win any awards, despite having three nominations each.

The full list of winners of the IGF Awards are as follows:

  • Seumas McNally Grand Prize ($30,000) – Return of the Obra Dinn
  • Excellence in Visual Art ($3,000) – Mirror Drop
  • Excellence in Audio ($3,000) – Paratopic
  • Excellence in Design ($3,000) – Opus Magnum
  • Excellence in Narrative ($3,000) – Return of the Obra Dinn
  • Nuovo Award ($3,000) – Black Room
  • Best Student Game ($3,000) – after HOURS
  • Audience Award ($3,000) – ETHEREAL
  • ID@Xbox Gaming Heroes Award – Jerry Lawson
  • alt.ctrl.GDC Award ($3,000) – HOT SWAP: All hands on Deck

That’s the IGF Awards wrapped up for another year. Be sure to check out the winners of the 2019 GDC Awards which where also revealed today.