Ark: Survival Evolved is a first-person action-adventure where you wake up with nothing on an island in a primitive setting with dinosaurs roaming free.

Your goal in Ark is to level yourself up with friends or on your own to be able to build better weapons, clothes, buildings and tools to eventually be able to hunt or tame dinosaurs to then to be able to hunt or tame even bigger and more dangerous dinosaurs.

Sound boring? Well. If you think having all your adrenaline hit you at once just when you have built a house, as you walk out the door of your newly built house you see a Spinosaurus walk over a hill a few meters away. It can demolish your house from existence, then that’s the equivalent of a living panic attack in a video game. Another example is maybe you need some wood to build up on your house so you decide to go into the woods and hack down some trees then from nowhere the head of a Titanoboa pops out of the grass lunging towards you. Don’t know what a Titanoboa is? Well it’s a prehistoric snake that can grow over 13m long and has a crushing power of 400lbs per sq inch (equivalent of having the weight of one and a half times the Brooklyn Bridge on top of you), that’s a lot of muscle power. Beat that Dwayne Johnson!

The aesthetic and construction of the game is outstanding, you really do feel as if you are among the dinosaurs trying to survive. You feel accomplishments and learn from your mistakes, well most of the time; if you like being a free spirit and jumping off cliffs to land in water, but hit a rock on your way down and die, that’s your free spirit telling you nothing can go wrong. The story isn’t just to tame dinosaurs and build, there is so much more! Such as when you start the game you wake up on the island with an implant in your wrist called a specimen implant and around the island are obelisks which are towers floating in the sky. The story goes much deeper as you try to figure out why you are there and who put you there.

Ark has a dual concept design where it has the scientific view of dinosaurs so we can see what they look like from what modern fossil findings show, as well as the pop culture look of the dinosaurs to help us relate to them. If anyone has seen Jurassic Park you can quickly put the film dinosaur and the game dinosaur together. This way we can recollect which dinosaur is which whilst learning more about dinosaurs. However not all aspects of the dinosaurs can be proven so some of the dinosaur’s details are more to make the gameplay exciting, harder or visually beautiful.

There is a multiplayer mode so you can connect with friends, build a fort and invade others. There is also a single player (or co-op) so you and a friend can play. If you love dinosaurs and want to get a feel for an in-depth story involving life and a dream of wonder then this could be your game as it can offer a variety of game styles to play with. There are also DLC so you can add to the adventure, there are 5 DLCs as well as one coming out in 2018 called…. EXTINCTION.

Thank you and keep playing.