Batman: The TellTale series is a new take on the dark knight. As each choice you make has an impact on the overall story.  


The game is set in earlier in Batman’s crusade giving the developers a lot of room to be creative with characters. To tell a new story about Batman is no easy task and TellTale succeeded by making players choices matter. The characters in the game are fleshed out and test the morality of both Bruce Wayne and Batman. At times the story deviates from the main plot to give unneeded exposition to Catwoman… at the same time Gotham is burning and many innocents are being killed. Replay-ability wise it’s there for those who wish to take other options to influence the outcome. The game does set itself for a sequel so fans of the game have something to look forward to.


In typical TellTale style the game is presented as a comic drawn narrative and TellTale has redesigned several characters and their characteristics to truly make the dark knight universe their own. The game is dark with certain characters having redesigned outlooks and morals. It truly bought a comic book character to life, with the reader deciding on certain outcomes. The combat system does affect the graphics as the rapid movement affects the frame rate, TellTales concentration on overall story did not foresee this issue and it takes the player out of the experience on being batman to trying to adjust to the lagging gameplay. (Batlag?!)


Click and control the outcome as seen in TellTales previous titles. The new combat system with a plan before you initiate attack and is a welcome addition to the series. Sometimes the detective aspect of the game really slowed the tone of what is going on. The combat is okay but has room for improvement, it is TellTales first foray in fast paced close combat so at certain parts the game freezes and it takes the experience.


My verdict

It’s a great new spin on a franchise spanning 75 years, however its not offering enough to continue playing after an initial completion. Unless you are a true Batfan the game will fade to the back of the game shelf. I did enjoy my first playthrough but it is a rail line in term of gameplay. It has a beginning and an end, depends on the choices made to get there.