The Battle Royale genre has taken the world by storm, but has the market become too oversaturated?

I want to talk about this topic now because of the sheer number of battle royale games that are coming out at the moment. I’ll talk a bit about the big giants of the genre and maybe a new contender to that title.

What are some of the current battle royale games?

First, I want to start it off with how many battle royal games are coming out or are out at the moment. Here is a little selection of a few of them to give you a scope of how many games are either out on the market at the moment or are going to be.


Hunt: Showdown

Dying Light: Bad Blood

Radical Heights

Rings of Elysium

Darwin Project

As you can see by this list, there are a quite few battle royale games. These are just some of the popular ones, or ones that are playable for now. Personally, I think that this genre is being milked too much because it seems that most companies are trying to get their hands on the massive pie. But in doing so, the whole battle royale genre becomes too common. Most of these games won’t last for too long because of how many there are.

The status of some of these battle royale games are pretty good. One example is Rings of Elysium, the game is made by TenCent; a huge company in Asia and I have seen quite a few eSports events centred around the game. From what I’ve seen, the game is very competitive in Asia, much more than PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) is at the moment. A good example of a unique battle royale game is Hunt: Showdown. You travel alone or in a duo trying to complete a mission and hunt what is a boss, while other players do the same. The map size isn’t too big or too small and once you manage to find the clues and kill the boss, you have to escape the map to claim your prize for killing the boss.

Who is the king?

As for title of best battle royale, at the moment that title goes to Fortnite because of how it marketed itself as a free-to-play game and how they added in the seasonal system of cosmetic items that are good, fresh and people want to buy. Combine that with the regular updates; the game adds new weapons, gadgets and map areas, It’s understandable how Fortnite has become the top battle royale game, beating PUBG.

A possible new contender emerges?

On the other hand, now that Call of Duty Blackouts (battle royale game mode for Black Ops 4) beta has been playable, people are starting to see how a fully-fledged developer like Treyarch are taking their spin on the battle royale scene. People are starting to already say that Blackouts could become the best battle royale game out on the market once fully released, and finally beat the giant that is Fortnite. But there is still EA Dice’s take on battle royale that we’re still waiting to see, so at this point it is still anyone’s game. We’ll just have to wait and see.