All Highlights from CES 2019.

This year’s CES has been a hectic one, being one of my favourite annual conventions with companies flaunting new and promising technology. From impossible foods, 3D printers, AI, and autonomous cars to new OLED TVs, folding displays and electric cars. I will be showing you, my dear readers, what I consider the best of the show. Here are the highlights from CES 2019:

Impossible Burger 2.0

Meat is a staple of every healthy human’s diet, full of brain fuel vitamins, protein for repairing and building muscles, and full of iron that makes sure our blood is oxygenated. Absolutely delicious. Sadly, there are a few downsides: the livestock required to make it produce a huge chunk of our greenhouse gases, and the mass slaughter of animals especially brutally in those in halal meat. Then there’s cooking meat which usually involves oils and fat, which can cause heart problems.

So what would you meat lovers do if there was a healthier, less polluting (in some cases fighting it) alternative that still retains the taste, the texture, even the juices of meat without harming a single animal?

You’d probably call me a dirty liar, but in this case, I am not. Meet the impossible burger 2.0. Created by the start-up company Impossible foods. It was showcased at this years CES, and boy does this little miracle of science have burger lovers and meat connoisseurs champing at the bit.

It is made of, according to their website, using “Wheat protein and potato protein deliver that meaty chew and essential nutrition”. For flavor “Turns out the key to craveable flavor is the same molecule that makes meat a great source of iron: heme”. For the fat “Coconut oil and a dash of soy. It’s what gives the Impossible™ Burger that fatty, juicy sizzle”. The binder “To bring it all together, we use konjac and xanthan — common ingredients in chefs’ kitchens.”

For me at least, this is one of the most important discoveries in the last couple of decades. Especially as it saves me from the so-called future food of bugs, that leftist ideologues want to push on us.

BreadBot Vending Machine

A machine that I would normally expect to find in a Japanese (as those of us who know, have a lot of weird and wonderful vending machines) high street and not anywhere in the west. Created by the Wilkinson baking company, the BreadBot freshly bakes loaves of bread ready to purchase all within the same machine. Just add the ingredients to the machine and it will happily slowly mix up the bread dough, knead it out, cook it, then put it on a shelf. Where it’s kept warm and toasty. The machine’s small footprint means shops can easily integrate it.

Folding Smartphones

A few companies this year have brought forward the concept of the folding phone, Samsung with its Galaxy X, Royole’s Flexpai, and offerings from Xiaomi and LG. While this tech could bring about a revolution in portable computing devices and smart phones, including larger screens, and the ability to wear them cutting out having to get a smartwatch, this is largely a gimmick at the moment and like 3D TVs might crash a burn depending on how expensive they are.

Samsung Solid State Battery

Rumours speculate that, once again, Samsung is leading the curve with the introduction of the first graphene solid-state battery for the S10. Which on the smallest version will have a 3100 ma/h battery capacity while the larger versions will be 3500 and 4000 ma/h respectively, with a max charge time of 15 minutes. This is great news if true, and certainly makes me want to get an S10 more than ever.

Electric Self-Driving Harley Eh?

Harley Davidson shocked me this year. Sure many companies had released an EV (Electric Vehicle): including trucks, and taxi pods. But never in my dreams would I think I would see a self-driving Harley, during the Panasonic keynote. It drove on stage, where we quickly got a look at the future vehicle.

Speaking of Panasonic

They also debuted the AI smart home gadget, a human characteristics sensor panel set into the wall like a mirror. Where it can diagnose your ailments: your weight, your heart rate, and likely much more. Using 5G and the internet of things, the future homes of tomorrow will make people ashamed of their old houses by comparison.

We’ve concluded the CES 2019 highlights. I look forward to our future, and even more tech news through out the year to come.