In 2015 writer David F. Walker, artists Joe Prado and Ivan Reis made the comic series Cyborg, for this series I am concentrating on issue #6 named ‘The Next Evolution’. Such a strong series that combats so many levels of humanity tapping into the age of machines, self-discovery, love and friends, which I will be discussing. They can all be entwined to be one collective of humanity and how that can reflect ourselves.

Being a young man of half human, half machine (alien artificial intelligence) Victor Stone (Cyborg) is not favoured by the Government as he can hack into any computer in the world and even though he is a personal member of the presidential security, they believe that the alien metal keeping him alive could at any point take over his whole body and take down the world’s Governments in seconds, not to mention his incredibly strong white noise cannon, which can obliterate all. Thus, leaving him as a one-man team at risk of being overpowered by alien technology.

Cyborg doesn’t know what he is and what he is not, he is within the thin line in-between knowing and not knowing. He may have all these abilities that the alien technology provides him with but inside is still a man, a man who cannot process whether he is a machine or a human, a human that has lost so much and a machine that has evolved to become so much more.

In this series there is Cyborg’s love interest Sarah Simms and another altered version of Sarah Simms from another universe. Both love Victor Stone for who he is however Victor still doesn’t know who he is; the alien intelligence inside him is still evolving and he doesn’t know what he will become, so how can he love someone when he can’t love himself and put them in danger.

He is shunned by most humans as they don’t understand what he fully is, which is evident across all comics, films and TV adaptations of Cyborg where humans are more afraid of him, even if he has just saved them from death. This is portrayed in the #6 issue where he confides his one secret to his friend which turns out to be a cat.

Almost all of us have felt at least similar to one of these experiences at some point in our life, however there is hope! At the end of issue #6 we find that the villains that Cyborg had defeated was fused with another alien intelligence that allows Cyborg to morph into a full human again. Cyborg doesn’t stay in that form because he knows that no one would understand; he is still getting to know who he is and not ready to take that leap forward. “This is who I am – how the world knows me. I’m not… I’m not ready for anything else” Victor is questioning himself for the sake of the world, even though he has all these disadvantages he knows that if he were to change it would all start over again and he would be back to his origin. So the cycle would start again.

With the increasing rise in technology where a human is simply outsmarted by a microchip we may at some point feel like the world is against us but you have to believe that someday there will be a point where the world (or yourself) will look upon and accept your greatness and humility. That day, your life will change whether it be finding a group that accepts you without judgement, a new talent you discover to change your outlook, the love of your life or the one friend that will always be beside you when times are hard.

Thank you and keep reading.