Day-One DLC. What is it? How did it become prominent? and why some gamers are unhappy about it.


Day-one DLC. The beast under the bed of gaming today. Recently it has had gamers up in arms fighting against it, but just what is it?

What is DLC?

DLC refers to the term downloadable content; it’s additional content that is released for an already released videogame. It’s often distributed through the internet by the original developers of a game. It can range from aesthetic outfit changes, to extensive story line and permanent in-game items. DLC can be paid or free. In recent years it has become synonymous to expansion packs and in some cases cosmetic items.

What is Day-One DLC?

Day-one DLC is where a game is announced or released with DLC already available to buy or soon to be available. In some cases it’s characters (like in Street Fighter), maps (as seen in Call of duty: Black Ops 2) or entire expansion packs (such as in Bioshock 2). In some cases this is also connected to needing to pre-order games.

So when did this start?

Some of the first DLC was produced for the games Sonic 2 and 3, which turned the games into Sonic & Knuckles. It functioned as both a standalone game but also added to the Sonic 2 and 3 games. Later, Sony and other developers caught on and started adding DLC but for a slightly larger cost. Originally it existed in order to add content to games that had probably already been finished by players but in recent years some see them to be more of a