Rage 2 gameplay feature, surprise live performance from Andrew W.K.

Bethesda’s press conference began with Pete Hines VP of PR walking out on stage, and whimsically announcing Rage 2 as their first game. To my and the audience’s apparent shock what we got was a metal band in the form of Andrew W.K. playing an altered version of their song “Ready to Die”, while the Rage 2 trailer played on the screen. It was a very energetic performance.

Doom Eternal, a sequel to Doom (2016).

Next up we had Doom Eternal, featuring more demons, hell on earth and a more powerful doom marine. More information will be released at Quakecon in August 2018.

Wolfenstien: Young Blood

Wolfenstein: Young blood was announced, you play co-op as the twin daughters of BJ Blazkowicz. The game looks to be set in Paris during the 1980’s.

Quake Champions: Free trial for limited time!

Quake Champions is getting new features and currently has a free trial which you get to keep playing once downloaded after the trial period, which is between 10th and 17th June.

Fallout 76 is an online survival RPG.

Now for the big announcements, Fallout 76, a prequel to the series. The game is set in West Virginia, and 4 times larger than Fallout 4’s world with 16 times the detail due to new engine technology. You are a member of the control vault 76 built to commemorate the tercentennial of the United States.  You begin the game by leaving the vault and begin rebuilding the wasteland, the so called reclamation day. The game is unique in the series as it is completely online, while you can play solo or with your friends, the dozens of people in the wasteland of West Virginia are all real people. Vault 76 is a “soft-core” survival game at its heart. Another new feature of the game is you can build anywhere and move that building anywhere and in a unique turn of events, Bethesda left nuke silo’s in the world that players can take control of and use as they wish. In using a nuke on a target the player gets access to rare materials in the radiated impact zone. However don’t worry Death is not permanent and your progress is safe even if you do die.

Beta testing for Fallout 76 begins 14th November 2018, there is a collector’s edition called the Power Armor Edition. You get a game map that glows in the dark, miniatures and a T-51 Power Armor Helmet with working head lamp and a voice changer.

The Elder Scrolls VI announced! New IP Starfield announced!

Finally Bethesda snuck two new games cheekily in at the end as future releases, first is a Starfield teaser the much rumoured single player sci fi game and the Elder scrolls VI to a cheering crowd. If the other conferences don’t work for it I can see this E3 going to Bethesda!