This is EA’s showcase for E3 2018. In this showcase we will be going over the games that EA showed off and give a little bit of information about the game and my opinion on them.


The first game, and new IP, from EA’s press conference is Anthem. Anthem is the new take on Destiny-style of gameplay and progression but with our own mechs that we can choose from and customize to give our own look. We shall see how it turns out but for the time being this does look promising.

Battlefield V – Will have more destructible environments and a battle royale mode.

EA revealed there whole new take and direction for the Battlefield franchise and this time it’s set in World War 2. The mechanical differences for the game make it seem a lot more team based and tactical than the previous iterations. This does seem to be taking a whole new direction. We will have to wait and see if the player base likes these changes.

FIFA 19 announced, out on 28th September.

The newly added FIFA instalment with the newly added Champions League. As this is the time for the World Cup, you bet they will have that in the game too. This seems like a solid game for FIFA fans to pick up and play without too many differences from the last.

Madden NFL 19

A new Madden game and I must say the visuals for this game are amazing while still holding the core fundamental gameplay elements that Madden fans have come to love. This should be another good game.


This also has incredible visuals. On top of that, your able to create your own character and make them become legendary. Seems like it would be a blast to be able to see your character progress from the start to the top. NBA fans should enjoy this new instalment.

Sea of Solitude – A game about loneliness

Sea of Solitude is by a new small indie team and it’s about the feelings of loneliness and what the emotions of being alone is like. This seems very interesting and the art looks so lovely. This is a game I defiantly want to try out when it releases.

Unravel Two – Sees the return of Yarny, this time for a co-op adventure and is out now!!!

The final game in EAs showcase is Unravel 2. This is a popular platformer game with very beautiful visuals and the best part about it is, it’s out right now! As an added bonus in the sequel, you are able to play the whole entire game co-op now. If co-op isn’t your thing, you can play the game single player too. This seems like it will be a lot of fun and we get to go on another adventure with our little yarn buddy (or buddies).