Sony has blasted off this year with some scenes of gore, madness and comedy. Showing games that have been highly awaited and games that shocked us with new information and a remaster that no one was expecting. Graphics also showed some priority as it felt like you had been in the game the whole time pulling at your heart strings. I am sure everyone was amazed with the showcase from Sony as it had everything you could need.

The Last of Us Part II – Naughty Dog have undone themselves again.

The last of us 2 is finally here and there are some amazing visuals from the environment, to the life like character designs! We still have Ellie with us and seems to be an emotional journey through the undead and the living. So much gore to come as we see guts ripped out and powerful combat mechanics. Crafting is key to survive as is sneaky combat with precision weaponry. A lot of open space and hiding areas for you to sink your teeth into. The Last of Us Part II will have everything we expect and more.

Ghost of Tsushima – For all your samurai needs.

Beautiful colours and feel to the game, thought out combat with a historical and life like touch. Switching camera views for you to ride with perfect view. Inspirational vibe of tradition, including scenes of gory slices to your foes against the Mongol invasion. Deep sense of story about loss, friendship, pain and love.

Control – Definitely a sight to see.

Crazy changing world in a sci-fi vibe where it could be your nightmare or your dream. Futuristic visuals alongside combat that breaks all dimensions. Amazing power that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Can’t wait to see more, set for a 2019 release.

Resident Evil 2 – God dammit! Racoon City again?

Dark horror that will most likely have you jumpy for days to come, gore galore with the virus loose. Impactful trailer with new twisted designs on the infected creatures. Looking forward to seeing more including storyline. Announced for 25th January 2019.

Trevor Saves the Universe  – Comedy and swearing flying around.

From the creators of Rick and Morty, a cartoon style platformer with fun combat and most likely references. Looks crazy and will be a lot of laughs with a mind-bending adventure. Fun looking foes and weird weapons, but could we expect any less? This loopy universe game will be available on VR.

Kingdom Hearts III – Everyone’s in this one!

The long-awaited Kingdom Hearts III is coming soon with so many Disney universes; Pirates of the Caribbean, Hercules, Toy Story, Frozen, Tangled and Monsters Inc. Beautiful adventure-based game with fun mechanics and crazy flying sequences. Full of awesome combat that will keep you playing till your thumbs wear down. Set for January 29th 2019 with limited edition console and controller case!

Death Stranding – I still have no idea…..

Hideo Kojima brings the wonderful escape from reality and into a world you have never seen before. Jaw dropping creatures with a creepy impact. Too many plots of life and death, parents and family, survival and pain. Full A-Star cast to bring this long-contemplated game to life with an environment that will make you feel like your there, hopefully not standing next to a ghoul! “Give me your hand in life/death and flesh/spirit”.

Nioh 2 – Holy hell! These demons though!

Defy death and fight for your life as your soul becomes a huge demon beast. Stunning visuals and high-octane action that will make you want to sell your soul so you can become a demon. Short but a huge impact trailer, looking forward to more.

Marvel’s Spider-Man – Is this going where I think it is? I god damn hope so!

Gorgeous look as you can become Spider-Man with life like web swinging action. I’m sure everyone’s been waiting for this, especially the die hard marvel fans! Remarkable cinematics and a heap of villains shown including Rhino, Electro, Vulture, Scorpion and Mister Negative, that’s 5 and we hear a 6th, but who is it? The sinister 6? Venom? So many questions! Spider-Man seems to need a lot of help in this trailer. Unpredictable web combat and skilled moves that look fantastic and fluid. The story will run deep into the spider’s web. Unbelievably excited.

A ton and a half of highlights for all PS4 teasers including a load of VR games such as the intriguing Ghost Giant. Buy Black Ops 4 and receive Black Ops 2 remastered maps and Black Ops 3 free. Destiny 2 trailer showing some devastating blows to our hearts with an emotional but sinister short clip, set for 4th September. God of War will get a New Game Plus mode so you can start the campaign again and keep all your items, XP and more!

Thank you!