A huge start from Square Enix from beginning to end showing some impressive gameplay footage of their new games that will defiantly hit big with all the fans. New in-game ideas will be one of the interesting traits that separate Square Enix from the others. Sagas continue as story’s unfold in new ways so you can have a whole new outlook on previous stories as they entwine and shock you.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider – The modern classic of a new adventure.

The new adventure of Lara Croft breaks out 14th September with an intense trailer with Jonah and a variety of gameplay! New concept of being “one with the jungle” with a lot of stealth kills with new combo kills and mud camouflage; she won’t be fighting predators though just a Mayan apocalypse. New 360-degree water control for more underwater adventuring and more grappling ideas. A few scenes of classic Tomb Raider games with big cats (leopards). The destiny of Lara is in your hands.

Final Fantasy XIV Online: Stormblood (Under the Moonlighting patch) – Making the fantasy a reality online.

Amazing creatures and monsters coming to the battle, with a lot of team play in an open world. Combined with Monster Hunter: World introducing a huge dragon and most likely more wonderful Monster Hunter monster’s coming this summer. Immersive armour and weapon designs!

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit – Delving deep into the imagination.

The expanding universe of Life Is Strange continues with Captain Spirit on 26th June. Exploring the depths of a child’s mind as you don a “cool costume” of painted cardboard and shoot fireballs from your hands but remember to return to reality. Linked to the awaited Life Is Strange 2 but with a different feel in a new town and different characters. Explore as much as you can for this one! Download for free.

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Wield the light and let it shone on the world again.

Epic design with a seemingly flawless story with the battle of light vs darkness. Outstanding combat of weapons and magic, with a great line up of allies and foes. Many enemies to slice as well as dragons; become the saviour with your allies to wield the light and conquer the darkness. Cool toontastic game out 4th September with the Edition of lost time offering a bundle of goodies and their second collaboration with Final Fantasy.

Babylon’s Fall – History has lead you here.

Fantasy gameplay with a journey through time to reach an epic battle, shock and awe sword play against a huge boss. Outstanding costume, sword and environment design. Fight for the rebirth of Babylon in 2019.

Nier: Automata BECOME AS GODS Edition – The machines have risen.

Coming to Xbox One, this addition to the game gives you riveting new gameplay with all previous DLC included. Fight for mankind once again with bulky swords and mechs. A great addition to the game available 26th June.

Octopath Traveler – The world of Ostara is your playground.

Awesome dungeon team with 8 classes to choose from. Adventure and fight mighty monsters on your path with a bucket load of equipment and skills to find your best route of attack. Huge bosses and attacks, this will be an amazing adventure! Available on Switch 13th July.

Just Cause 4 – Even more ways to kill enemies with car and tech!!

Booming trailer with the returning Rico Rodriguez taking on the whole black militia and environment. Massive open world with a new design called ‘extreme weather’ allowing you to be destroyed or aided with blizzards, storms, tornadoes and sand storms. Exciting new vehicles like bulldozers and even God-damn wrecking balls!! New handling controls for vehicles so it can be plain sailing in the new micro jet. Customisable grapple with an airlift. AI enhance combat enemies for an extra challenge, just to keep you on your toes. Wonderful open world environment and in-depth story will be a game full of explosions. This extreme game is available on 4th December.

The Quiet Man – You don’t need the ability of sound to deal physical damage.

Seems to be a new look on the hero view as you play a deaf young adult who sets out to hunt down some bad guys and do some serious damage. Dark themes mixed with intense fighting…. you can’t go wrong! “Silence rings loudest” engaging trailer and can’t wait to see more in August.

Kingdom Hearts III – We can finally wield the keyblade again! YES!

Huge Disney input that looks like it will make the perfect Kingdom Hearts game. We have appearances from Frozen, Tangled, Ratatouille, Monsters Inc. Hercules and Wreck-It Ralph with plenty more! There will definitely be a lot to do in this game with what looks like an emotional and gripping story as always! Looks super funny and awesome with snowboarding on a shield! Crazy combat, this will definitely be a game to get, available 29th January.

Unfortunately, no news for the Avengers Project or Final Fantasy VII remake, but there’s always more to come.