Part 2 of the highlights of E3 2019.

Part 2 of our highlights of E3 2019. Don’t forget to view part 1 of our highlights if you haven’t already done so.

Square Enix – This is What E3 Should Be!

Square Enix, in my honest opinion, won this entire E3. Final Fantasy 7 remake finally has a release date: 3rd March 2020. They explained the battle system, a hybrid of the ATB system and Final Fantasy 15’s action combat with the stagger mechanic from Final Fantasy 13. What will be released is two Blu-ray discs of content and it’s only the expanded Midgar section of the game, so much so it can be called it’s own game.


Next up is the announcement of the remasters of Crystal Chronicles, Final Fantasy VIII, Last Remnant, and Romancing Saga 2 will finally come west after so long. All the music from the Square Enix store will be available on lots of streaming apps including, Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play.

Outriders Announced

Outriders also drew my attention. Developed by the original creators of Gears of War, with a new studio People Can Fly. It’s a dark modern shooter, a 1-4 player co-op. You create your own Outrider and travel across Enoch in search of a mysterious secret. It’s a dark and unforgiving world. We don’t know much more than that. It’s coming summer 2020 so I am not entirely sure if I should worry about it or not after Anthem’s development hell.

Oninaki – Releases 22nd Agust 2019

Oninaki, a brand new IP, was introduced. An action combat RPG, where you are a watcher, a sacred hunter that helps to free the souls that linger in.

Ubisoft – Everything Old is New Again

…..Moving On!

Okay, jokes aside. Ubisoft’s conference was just painful to watch. They brought the dancing back again this year. At least it wasn’t a marching band at the start, but please Ubisoft, stop it! I don’t care about Just Dance. The only games even remotely on my radar are The Division 2, and Ghost Recon: Breakingpoint. That’s it, and aside from the upgrades to tech and in-game gadgets, Breakingpoint is just Wildlands all over again. One other thing though Ubisoft, what are you doing? Watch Dogs 3: Legion, are you serious? All it is, is authoritarian, far leftist, anti-brexit propaganda. Stop bringing real life politics into games if you can’t have the political sides remain neutral and leave the choice to the player on who to side with.

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

Devolver Digital – Ummm Well That Happened

What on earth did I just watch? I got to give it to Devolver, their press conferences are very creative. I especially liked Carrion, an indie game that looks to be a horror game where you are the horror.


PC Gaming Show – Epic Games Store Sponsored? Why???

Sigh! The PC Gaming Show showed very little that we didn’t already know was coming out, or that was already out.

Per Aspera

Per Aspera seemed to be interesting. You are a person that’s been uploaded to a robot body and sent to Mars to terraform it.

Age of Wonders: Planetfall

We got a small introduction to Age of Wonders: Planetfall.


Valfaris is a modern take on the Contra series of games, and honestly, it looks like something I want to try considering I was too late to play Contra.

Balder’s Gate 3

Balder’s Gate 3, out of all the announced games, is one that has my attention. Developed by Larian Studios. I love RPGs if you couldn’t tell, and I hope that it is as good as it’s cinematic trailer implies.

All things considered, this E3 has been lacklustre. Hardly any gameplay footage or information. We’ll just have to hope for a better E3 in 2020.