A brief history of the Fallout series

Originally developed and released by Black Isle in 1997, Fallout: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game, laid down the foundations for the Fallout series and popular tactical survival games.

With a post-apocalyptic theme, this game introduced the S.P.E.C.I.A.L system (an acronym for Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility and Luck), which still plays a fundamental role in player progression throughout the Fallout series.

This method gives the player complete control. It also allows for drastically different types of characters, meaningful decisions and development to be made. Compared to its modern counterparts, Fallout 1 with its isometric camera angle is now vastly out-dated.

The new era of the Fallout series

Five games later to 2015 when Fallout 4, the 6th game of the series, is released. The most recent game of the series, now developed by Bethesda Softworks, became available with its upgraded graphics and its new 3D video Creation Engine (a vast improvement on its Gamebryo engine predecessor). Bring it forward to now, as we approach the release of the new Fallout 76, we have even more new features to explore.

  • Compared to all previous iterations of Fallout, Fallout 76 will no longer be single-player. Instead, Bethesda is making the game ‘online-only’ with all characters being real human players or robots. There will be no NPCs (non-player characters).
  • The game will now use Quake 3’s engine network code as the basis for its online features alongside the previously used Creation Engine.

For more details of Fallout 76, view our coverage of Fallout 76 at QuakeCon 2018 from last month.

Fallout never changes, but…

With the new higher end graphics and the possible combination of engines, like the Quake 3 Arena and the Creation Engine, we’re given a brand new way to play Fallout. In the last few years, multiplayer has become a huge thing in the gaming community, which has pushed developers to create multiplayer focused games for the players. For Fallout fans this gives an opportunity to team up and survive the harsh world together or against one another. This also gives non-Fallout fans a good way to get into the series with friends.

In the previous Fallout games, players navigated through the game with the help of NPCs and companions, which made them more immersed in the world.

One of the new changes in Fallout 76 is that NPCs have been removed, however robots are still there, and the variety and number of creatures has increased, making the game more dangerous and exciting.

With this new change comes great opportunities for role-playing. Sources on Twitter have asked the developers if they could role-play as farmers and if there was going to be a trade system. The developers responded positively.

Opinions of the Fallout community

The opinions of Fallout 76 vary between people and here is one of the positive ones.

BrodoFrag – “Fallout 76 is an interesting game to say the least, personally, I love the look of the game because I’m someone who’s always wanted a multiplayer Fallout game, and it just appeals to my playstyle.”

Some of the public’s opinions are neutral.

Instinct – “Fallout 76 is going to be your standard Fallout game like Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, and Fallout 4.”

Radicalmonkey666 – “I don’t think it’s going to be a traditional Fallout game at all, more of a tactic and building type thing with no base story other than the vault opening and whatever the game objective is.”

SnazzWitch – “I don’t mind the premise of the game so much, it sounds like it would be lots of fun, my only issue would be the fact large groups of players could really ruin the game play for others.”

Lastly the opinion of one fan who is flat out against the idea of Fallout 76.

Dagg3rBone287 – “Fallout 76 is a first for the Fallout series, being a dedicated multiplayer Fallout game. And in my opinion, it hurts it. To me, Fallout’s key points are the immersive single-player story, the wide verity of quests and all the NPCs you can meet. Fallout 76 falls flat on the most important one, single-player NPC quests. In the game you can’t talk to any human NPC. All human interactions is with other real life people. To me, that ruins the whole experience.”


Fallout fans are both excited and worried about Fallout 76 due to the huge changes they have made, such as no quest focused single-player campaign. NPCs and companions have been removed so players can only interact with other players in the game.

The opinions we gathered from Reddit and other sources show mixed feelings to Fallout 76. These feelings are because Fallout fans, and die hard video game fans in general, are not used to change since this is the first multiplayer focused Fallout game to date.

After reading this article we hope you have a better idea on the game and the thoughts of the Fallout community. We also hope it gave you the idea of possibly getting the game, and if you wish to see a video that may give a better impression of the game, we suggest you watch the official trailer below.

Written by James Cleary, Henry Maguire-king, Reece McDermott, and Tyrel Oshinowo