FIFA 19 Review:

FIFA 19 is the latest iteration of one of EA’s flagship games, however like many of the current EA titles out at the moment, it fails to deliver in a number of different ways First there is the Pro Clubs.

Personal Opinion on FIFA 19

Ultimately I have a number of points about why FIFA 19 is overall a bad game. First is that Pro Clubs is the only playable mode in the game. In this mode, you can make your own player and try and upgrade him as much as you can. The servers that are dedicated to playing Pro Clubs are comparatively better than any of the other servers that FIFA offers, regardless of the mode; the other games modes are often burdened with servers frequently crashing. The only really bad thing about pro clubs is that the AI doesn’t know how to handle the simplest pass to a teammate. During the matchmaking process, when you have no friends online to compete against you are randomly paired with someone on the same server as you, these are called  drop-in matches, and the teammates you get put with are the most annoying teammates you’ll ever find in FIFA. Because FIFA does not promote cooperation between the players and encourages selfish behavior.

The second point is that Ultimate team mode is trash.  The servers dedicated for Ultimate team have the worst connection of any video game that I have ever played. The objective of this mode also contributes to this negative view because of the microtransaction system that has been implemented. In order to be competitive people buy a lot of points which allows players to buy packs and potentially collect the best players to use in their games, akin to pokemon. This here is an example of runaway greed on the part of  EA and has resulted in a fundamentally imbalanced game that EA needs to do something about. If all that it takes is for players to spend the big bucks to have the most OP team on FIFA it is unfair on everyone who cannot afford, or who don’t want to spend additional money to enjoy the game they purchased.

Game modes in FIFA 19

Amongst the many game modes within Ultimate team, the worst of the worse is the division rivals mode. This mode is akin to ranked mode in other games such as league of legends. Players start in division five and have to battle their way up to the top division, division one.  This is the worst because you have to play lots of games to progress to earn good rewards and the quality of players you play are much more try hard than you would normally encounter in the other modes. Thus on most days he prizes are not worth the effort they take to achieve them, and the hard work does not feel like it has any tanagale benefits.

FUT Champions is another game mode that is available to play. However, This is the most annoying and frustrating game mode. Not only are there server issues that plague the other modes prevalent here but the matchmaking system is broken, you are often forced to play against players who are significantly better than you, the resulting imablaced games are not enjoyable to play.

The Online season’s mode also has many issues, mainly it is plagued with a terrible matchmaking system. I feel like the online matchmaking is not really, as in the teams are never balanced and you are often not playing against someone who is of your skill level, because there is not a lot of balance between the different divisions. The internet connection is the worst just like any other online mode, in fact, this is worst because this might, lead up to disconnections. I think that online seasons could be better, but at first, fix the internet connection and the matchmaking.

Kick off mode

This is the most boring mode out of all of the modes. It is boring because you are just playing against the Computer. For me, this is boring because I want to play competitive and play online, when playing online it is better than playing single player because you are playing against players who are on your level/division. the AI also does not simulate playing against a real player very well, if playing against bots is what you enjoy tho, the kick-off mode is the one for you.

Career mode  

This mode is the best mode in FIFA because you start off with a team and manage that team for infinite seasons. One thing I like about this mode is that you can buy any player you want to buy and play in the divisions and in the tournament.

Conclusion about FIFA 19

I would rate the various FIFA 19 modes in the following order of enjoyment:

  1. Career mode.
  2. Pro clubs.
  3. Ultimate team.
  4. FUT Champs.
  5. Online seasons.
  6. Kick off mode.