Fortnite is divided into 2 game modes, a pay-to-play PvE (Player vs Environment) and a free-to-play PvP (Player vs Player) known as Fortnite Battle Royale. In this guide I will be telling you everything you need to know about Fortnite Battle Royale.

Fortnite Battle Royale is set out in a continuous story separated by seasons of the game, which last about 2-3 months; within that time you have challenges and unlocks to accomplish/achieve (paying for a Battle Pass will make it a lot quicker). Also playing with friends is recommended as it will make the whole game a lot easier to play and in the end goal, win a match.

When starting a Battle Royale game there are four modes to choose from, each involving 100 players to be in the game; solo, duo, squads and 50v50:

Solo- yourself vs 99 other players
Duo*- yourself and someone else vs 98 other players (49 teams of two)
Squads*- yourself and three other teammates vs 96 other players (24 teams of four)
50v50*- yourself and 49 teammates vs 50 other players

*if you do not have any friends to play with you, there is the option to fill your team with random players to be on your side.

When starting the game (all modes are the same) you will begin on a loading island where you can press M to open the map and plan where you would like to head to first, bearing in mind areas that will have a lot of loot will be denser with enemies. After the loading island finishes, yourself and all the enemies will be inside the party bus that flies over the map, from there you can jump out the bus at your chosen time and dive to the area you want to loot first, once you are close enough to the ground you will deploy a glider to ease your fall automatically. Once you have touched the ground you will only have an axe which can be used to destroy fences, cars, buildings and even damage an enemy a small amount. You will want to enter a house/building to find any guns that are scattered around and find a loot chest (loot chests will make a sparkling noise and will grow in sound as you get closer to it) which are normally hidden in the roof of houses and in trailers/containers.

There are an assortment of weapons of which include; grenades, pistols, shotguns, assault rifles, snipers and heavies. It’s also good to know every gun will be a colour depending on how good/powerful it is, such as:

Grey – Common
Green – Uncommon
Blue – Rare
Purple – Epic
Orange – Legendary
Gold – Mythic

There are also other materials you can equip (can also be looted by destroying the environment with your axe); disguises, shield and health potions/bandages, jump boosts, shield mushrooms and traps and port-a-forts.

Apart from loot chests, there are also supply llamas (llama piñata), ammo crates and supply drops that will be parachuted onto the map at certain points in the game.

Once you have started to loot, on your map it will show you a circle which is where you will need to head for as the map will begin to shrink from a storm that depletes your health over time ignoring your shield. You will have a certain amount of time to reach the circle before it begins to shrink and then you will have the time that it takes for the storm to reach the size of the indicated circle. However you will encounter more enemies at this point as they will be heading towards the safe circle also.

To survive when in battle it’s often better to build a fort out of your material so you have cover, otherwise you are in the open and can get shot easier. The standard build is a square with a sloped floor inside (the top of the tilt facing the enemy) this way you can crouch and shoot the enemy with the minimal of your body showing. You can also use a port-a-fort to instantly make a tall metal structure but is best used towards the end of the game as you will need the protection then. Remembering that a rocket launcher can demolish your structure and if there is no foundation connecting your fort to the ground it will crumble and you will take fall damage.

Also, when moving towards the circle, it’s a good idea to be aware of your surroundings as you may come close to a town that enemies may have been looting. It’s a good idea to go up hills with a sniper so you can scope out areas for enemies or their crafted forts, however other enemies could spot you even more so if you craft a fort!

Upon finding an enemy, and you want to attack, make sure they are alone and have no advantage over you because it’s possible to become swarmed by a group. Also if you do manage to knock down an enemy make sure to eliminate them if possible otherwise a teammate could revive them. Guns such as snipers will have a dip in the bullet shot depending on the distance it has to travel and weapons such as grenade launchers and RPGs will travel slower and have a detonate time. It’s common when confronting an enemy that they will build a slope above you so they can jump down and shoot you.

Your only aim of the game is to survive or fight for the last man/team standing, your strategy should be the best working for yourself or your team because teamwork is better than going on a solo mission. With a team they can always cover your back because it’s possible to have enemies flank you and your team from any angle. Communication is also key so you can combine a successful attack, such as you have a sniper and your teammate an RPG, if the enemy has a fort then your teammate destroys their fort with an RPG and you can snipe them while they franticly try to build their fort again unless they have no more material then it’s an open kill to take as they try and run. Having an organised inventory with your weapons can help as cycling through them will be easier if you encounter any problem along your journey.

Awareness of your surroundings also helps and the map involves a lot of hills and cliffs that you could potentially fall off, to overcome this you are able to slide down hills but have a flat surface structure ready to build in case the slide is too steep so you can build when necessary. When consuming shield or health it’s always a good idea to build a structure around your persons to avoid being shot mid consumption.

In the end game it can be compact with a few enemies, to counter this it might be a worthy try to hide until there are only three other people to fight against so you can then have the drop on someone in case they need to heal or recover their health. Remember this is a game where you have to come out on top and I think the less situational problems you have to encounter, the better prepared you are for the next battle than someone who has had to fight a population of others despite the enemy having better equipment. Also, always make sure your guns are reloaded and have ammo otherwise that will lead to a problem.

Thank you for reading and hope this has helped and work towards that #1 victory royale.