Epic Games announces Fornite Monopoly, released this October.

Epic games has collaborated with Hasbro to announce a new board game: Fornite Monopoly. Fortnite Monopoly is a rather strange, but intriguing mash-up of two gaming behemoths. The ever popular board game, Monopoly and the video game that’s taken the world by storm, Fortnite. Creative Director of Epic Games Donald Mustard made the announcement via twitter. The tweet was accompanied by a photo, showing off the board game’s artwork.

Price and Availability

The tweet also reveals that the board game will be available 1st October 2018, so not long to wait. Fortnite Monopoly was initially available for pre-order for £26.99 at www.zavvi.com but the item has since been removed from the website. Presumingly, the game had been made available earlier that Epic Games and Hasbro had planned. We’ll update you with more information on price and availability when we can.

What are the differences between Fortnite Monopoly and traditional Monopoly?

Just like the battle royale video game, the objective of Fortnite Monopoly is to be the last player standing. This is unlike traditional Monopoly, where the objective is to be the wealthiest player (or be the last player to go bankrupt), by buying, renting and selling properties. Other differences include money being replaced by health points and properties on the board being replaced with locations on Fortnite Island. Interestingly, instead of both dice being used for movement, only one dice will be used for movement whilst the other dice will be used for “action”. Players will need to decide on weather to move or take action first for each turn. Just the like the video game where players are being threatened by a storm, some spaces on the board will be taken up by the storm, where players will loose health when landed on.

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Are you looking forward to playing the battle royale game unplugged?