Fortnite is a last-man standing sandbox game, released as free-to-play in 2018 offering solo and multiplayer gameplay in a third-person smooth cartoon style.

There are a variety of game types from zombie invasions to 50 v 50 to a free-for-all of 100 people including yourself. The aim of the game is to either go lone wolf or team up with friends and eliminate the enemies and be the last team/player to survive whilst avoiding the storm that depletes your health over time. Fortnite also offers a variety of events, a past event included the infinity gauntlet that allowed you to play as Thanos! You can customize your players outfit to suit you, additionally get them easier by joining VIP and unlocking a heap of items quicker, including dances so you can dance on someone’s dead body and make it all the more satisfying.

Fortnite can create such an impulse of panic and excitement. Imagine yourself in a game, yourself and a friend against everyone else, you’ve planned your area to loot and survive for the first storm shrink, you’ve got your equipment and you’re on the move through buildings and over the hills, it all seems quiet… too quiet. You aim for the high ground to be able to scope the area, you check your equipment to make sure all your guns are loaded and ready until BANG! You hear a shot and all goes quiet, your teammate shouts “noooooo!” As you turn to see what the problem is and he’s been taken out, as a remembrance to him you pick up his best gun and try and see where the shot came from, no one is in sight. The panic hits you. Scrambling to move into cover, you hear shots fired towards your direction and see them hit the floor around you and whiz past your head. In one last battle stance you know your time is up, turn to shoot and then, fire. Somehow you got a head shot and eliminated the enemy, your panic becomes excitement. Until you have two players jumping behind you and blow you up with a rocket launcher because anything is possible in this battle ground.

I always believe that playing games with friends can make the experience all the better, with Fortnite it allows you and your friends to have a fun experience with the ability to have different aspects and problems to deal with. You can make the experience tactical together or you can make it as fun as possible. You can get in a shopping trolley race or make your teammate die with a boogie bomb (grenade that makes them dance and unable to shoot). The battle field is yours to rule or to goof up. You can get stuck in and hunt enemies or sneak around until the end game. An assortment of weapons for all types such as pistols, assault rifles, shotguns and snipers with a bunch of grenades and heavy weapons.

For a free-to-play game it can give you hours of fun and for a cheap price you can unlock so much more to make your game adapt to your own style. There will also be a lot more fun events and items being introduced to the game as Fortnite has been nominated and won numerous awards. This is a game that can continue to grow. If you and your friends need a game to invest time into for free, this is the one. It is available on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and MacOS.