All the big announcements from Sony at Gamescom 2018

Gamescom in Germany showcased a few new updates and trailers to fill your pockets until your favourites get released or for the Cyberpunk fans, gameplay footage gets released. Here are a few updates and new releases that have been shown from Sony during the week.

Devil May Cry 5

Capcom continues their furious series of the hack and slash game DMC, with a trailer that continues several years on from the 2008 DMC 4. Nero begins his own demon hunting agency with his new Devil Breaker arm. Still has flashy sword action that we have always wanted in the DMC series along with new weapons and the Devil Breaker arm bringing in new a game style. Looking forward to seeing the in game music change depending on the combat style of the player! Set for release on March 2019.

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unlnown

Take to the skies and dominate with photo realistic scenery and aircrafts. VR missions are available for a fully immersive experience. A huge range of past, current and futuristic weapons and aircrafts with supersonic battles entwined into a deep lore. An unparalleled aircraft combat system will make Ace Combat’s 20th anniversary a huge leap. Pre order available now, game releases January 2019.

Life is Strange 2

The episodic and visually brilliant game makes a return following the story of two brothers on the run from the police after a big unnatural catastrophe leaving a cop dead. Playing as the older brother Sean allowing interactions with the environment and other characters will shape the future of your own play-style. Hopefully it will be as emotionally investing as the first. Life is Strange 2 will have five episodes with the first to release in September 2018.

Dark Souls Trilogy

The collection of Dark souls games, with the remastered versions, will be sold together following the delayed Dark Souls release on the Switch. A collector’s edition is available offering a whole bunch for sweet goodies including some DLC. Replay the death defying game that revolutionised the ‘make sure you save’ design. Set for release on October 2018.

Cyberpunk 2077

After the huge trailer that was released during E3, at the end of Microsoft’s press conference, all we had to see was a few screenshots during Gamescom. They were some awesome shots showing a lot of details and some of the awesome designs that will be in the game. We are still waiting to see the gameplay footage where we can see the depth of the game. Hopefully we can expect some actual footage soon!

The Division 2

Gear up for the tactical action RPG where Washington DC is in some deep s**t in a time where society is split without law and the chaos is rising and getting worse. Agents of The Division are collecting to fight the anarchy and trying to repair the destruction before all is lost. The game offers a 1:1 scale of Washington DC allowing you to go on some sightseeing before the city is lost. Release date is set for March 2019 and you can pre order now and subscribe to download and play the beta now.

Metro Exodus

The huge Russian post-apocalypse mutant game is back! Experience the vast world of Russia where you delve into the story and battle the vicious open world that will have you spraying and praying with your eyes shut. Use your customised unique weapons to battle the huge range of mutated creatures that will be hunting you down while you have to survive. The new METRO will be released for February 2019.

Battlefield V – Battle Royale

Yet another battle royale game is released, however for Battlefield’s take on the growing battle royales games, we don’t know much about it. We know that it will involve all the weapons, vehicles and gameplay from Battlefield 5 will be involved. We don’t yet know anything else as we don’t have any gameplay footage. Hopefully we can have a dynamic game style that will be separate from the others. Set for a release on October 2018.