In this review I am going to give you my opinion of the new God of War and some of the elements of the game.

First let’s start off with the gameplay, in God of War the gameplay style isn’t the same as in the previous entries, what I mean by that is in the previous God of War games, the camera angles were fixed locations while in the new one it is over the protagonist’s shoulder. Now, fighting in the God of War is also different in the way, you can’t just spam multiple combos, there is a form of timing that needs to be taken into account before pulling off your moves and specials which can be rewarding when done.

Next is the story, the story in God of War is simple when you think about it but the journey from start to finish is what makes it so good. Some of what you’ll encounter on your journey are your simple side quests that are rewarding and fun to do which also gives a bit of life to the side characters in the game. Another element I like about the game is the lore and how they go about telling you about it. There is 2 ways in which they do this; first is by opening up big boards that show a certain story within the Norse mythology and the second is from a character called Mimir, he will tell you bits and pieces of Norse lore when exploring on your boat which I enjoy a lot.

Final part is the Gear customization, in the early game of God of War, you don’t have many items and acquiring items isn’t hard at all because all you need is Hacksilver (the game’s main currency) and a few crafting materials to craft pieces of gear. With crafting gear, you can become more stronger and fight harder enemies within the game. You can also acquire Runes that will give you special abilities for your weapons and you can then upgrade these abilities with Hacksilver to make them even more stronger which will let you combo the abilities together to do massive amounts of damage. Now to find Hacksilver there is 2 ways; the first way is to kill enemies and it will drop from them while the other is to explore and find pots to smash to find some inside. Now how to find Runes, there is also 2 ways; first is by going through the story to find chests that contain them or just explore and find chests that will have some inside, the second is to go to the blacksmith and you can buy them off him for Hacksilver.

To conclude, God of War is a very good single player game that I highly recommend to a person because of the story within the game and the gameplay. But I will say if you haven’t played the previous versions of God of War than you will miss out because only players that have played the previous games will fully understand the story within the game and some of the scenes will impact you more.