A few weeks back, I purchased Halo Warfleet, a hardcover art book for the Halo franchise, one of Microsoft’s flagship titles developed initially by Bungie and then by 343 Industries.

The art book in question, Halo Warfleet, is a sizeable tome that carries artwork and cross-sections of the Halo universe’s species, their ships, planets, space stations, other vehicles and their armaments. Although this is an art book, it is also a guidebook on the various topics above, the lore of the planets and even technologies like the slipstream drive.

The cover features silver embossed lettering for the title and other information, which is over a painting of a UNSC frigate fighting two covenant warships on a snow covered planet with two large structures probably precursor in origin. Whether it is set on a planet or one of the eponymous halo rings isn’t clear.

Flipping through its pages I find the intricate details and the gorgeous illustrations by Hans Jenssen and John R .Mullaney and attention to detail stand out as does the collected information of the Halo universe, including retcons and never before revealed information.

My one concern with Halo Warfleet is the £25 price tag, for those who play tabletop role playing/war games or purchase art books regularly, the price tag is a bargain, but it could put off those who are fans of the Halo franchise and those who aren’t interested in art books and just want a reference or guidebook.

I have enjoyed reading the book, it is a well put together reference guide and art book and it definitely makes a worthwhile addition to my library.

I wholeheartedly believe that any fan of the Halo franchise, especially if they read the novels, will find this book to be a welcome addition to their own bookshelves if they can look past the price.