You’ve all probably heard of hybrid cars by now, I bet you didn’t know that the first one was made in 1901 by Dr. Ferdinand Porsche.

It was created to prove that the Dr’s theory could come to fruition. However thanks to Toyota with the release of the Prius, they are now seen as an essential segment of the automotive market of the future.

Hybrid cars have a complex twin system using an Internal Combustion Engine combined with an Electric Propulsion System to power vehicle, enabling you to switch between each whenever you want. It’s a good job! The battery life-time is guaranteed an estimate of 100,000 miles. The batteries are also less toxic and more recyclable than standard batteries.

Not every country agreed with the hybrid cars because they could be seen as unnecessary – due to low cost of petrol (in some countries). On the other hand China saw this as a great idea and has now become a trend over there. China is also one of the leading manufacturers for hybrid cars with a rough total of more than 28 million produced and sold in 2016. Plans are in the making to ban petrol and diesel-powered vehicles in the near future and to create more electric vehicles by 2020 via a quota system. Foreign vehicle manufacturers plan to help boost China’s objective in the future as well.

I strongly believe that hybrid cars are the way forward, they are a great idea, economically friendly and have a big possibility to make the planet last a little bit longer and should be more accessible for those on low funds or budget.