Kingdom Hearts 3 has finally been released, but was it worth the wait?

The Wait

The wait is finally over for the lovers of the Square Enix gaming franchise Kingdom Hearts. After a long 6 years of waiting, Kingdom Hearts 3 released this January on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One, allowing its players to play through even more loved Disney style worlds. But was it worth the wait?

The Story

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The game follows the character Sora on his quest to save different Disney worlds from an evil organisation known as Organisation 13. Organisation 13 are trying to kidnap 7 pure of heart princesses so that they can open the gate to Kingdom Hearts. So the main villain known as Xehanort can change the world to his liking. Follow Sora as he battles through waves of the evil Heartless, with his friends Donald and Goofy, to free the world from darkness and to save the princesses from the evil villain Xehanort. In order to restore balance to the worlds and Kingdom Hearts.

Sales comparison with Other Games in the Franchise

Kingdom Hearts 3 has been out for just over a week in the Japanese markets. The game has managed to sell over 600,000 copies, which is an outstanding achievement for the third installment. There’s no way to determine how many copies of Kingdom Hearts were sold in the first week of the game being out. It was estimated that by 2005 the game had sold 5.6 million copies worldwide. Showing that people are excited about waiting for the next installments of the franchise.

In the UK, Kingdom Hearts 3 had overtaken Resident Evil 2 (the remastered version) in sales. As both games were released in the same week, this is a high stepping stone for both the Kingdom Hearts and Resident Evil franchises. This shows that Kingdom Hearts 3 has a popular fan base in other countries. 


Popular review aggregator site Metacritic gave Kingdom Hearts 3 a rating of 85, which indicates “generally favorable reviews”. Metacritic allows users to put in their own thoughts on games that they have played, and let them review games themselves. User reviews of Kingdom Hearts 3 are also generally favourable on Metacritic. So it shows that people were interested in playing the game.

IGN have given an in-depth review covering how Kingdom Hearts 3’s combat and story feel. The review also covers some of the Keyblades and talks about how stunning the worlds actually are when you visit them. The review went into so much detail about how good the gameplay and graphics were, showing us that the game was greatly anticipated by fans.

There was an interesting review made by Forbes, which stated “The surprise comes when you look at how low the resolutions are on all four consoles in light of the simplicity of KH3’s graphics”. The review tells us that the graphics were not really changed towards the end of the project. Meaning the graphics look all the same on all the consoles despite Xbox One X and PS4 Pro having more powerful hardware. The only issue mentioned in the article is graphics settings. This means that the reviewer doesn’t necessarily have a negative view on the game, they just want the graphics settings to be fixed.

Was the Wait Worth it?

The wait was worth it. In short, the gaming franchise has become ever growing since its release in 2002 on the original PlayStation 2. There are a wide variety of characters to unlock and add to your party in each world. There are also new worlds that have been added to Kingdom Hearts 3. To conclude, although the sales of Kingdom Hearts can’t be determined, Kingdom Hearts 3 has managed to hit a good milestone of sales within the first week of its release, and many fans have jumped in to play it, as well as some newer arrivals to the series.

Written by Cameron Lowe