Tech from then to now!

This week we will be covering Robots. Specifically Humanoid robots, from where it started and what’s upcoming for the entertainment industry.

Let’s get into some robotics!

The history of robotics, specifically humanoid types dates back as far as medieval times with Automatons. Human like figures that could run using hidden mechanisms. These “mechanisms” were used to create the illusion of self movement. These were used to swing their axes to strike the bell’s of their time.

Jumping ahead to 1997

Honda created the P3, their second step in creating ASIMO – ( the final steps towards their personal assistant ) The P3 was Honda’s first fully autonomous humanoid robot. Later in 2002 they completed their work with ASIMO, intended to be a personal assistant. It recognizes its owner’s face, voice, and name.


Various other projects leading in robotics were made soon after but what we will be covering are the plans for the future! 

Ever thought about robots fighting each other? Of course you have , so why not see what we have for you next right here!

Robot Fight!

Last year fans were promised a fight of Giant Robots between the US and Japan. US with their MK III:


And Japan’s Kurata:










The fight has been rescheduled for August 2017, the exact location and time are still TBD! A public unveiling of the Mk. III is expected to take place May 20 in the San Francisco area.

What we know so far is that both are fitted with paintball cannons.
The MK II currently has a very large bulkier design then the Japan’s kurata, with what looks to be cannons on both sides, and moves using tank wheels. An art designer actually made a concept piece on the MK II with a patriotic paint job.

The MK III looking to have a few different features like being able to lift up objects!
The Kurata currently is fitted with 4 wheeled legs for high mobility and a thinner design than the MK II. This Ninja-like robot seems to come fitted with a melee fist weapon on its right hand and a cannon on its left.

Both Bot’s seem to be packing a lot of punch so only time will tell who lands victorious!