Magneto Volume 1: Infamous. Written by Cullen Bunn and illustrated by Javi Fernandez & Gabriel Hernandez Walta.

This comic book story follows Erik Lensherr (Magneto) a few years after he had left the life of a villain to join the X-Men to fight for the good of mutant-kind, literally having his powers ripped from his body whilst mutants are still being hunted by multiple government services. Still in rage from the inhumanity on all mutant-kind, Erik is set on saving all mutants, no matter the cost even if it means he has to, like a phoenix, rise up from the ashes and take on the mantle as the world-wide horrific mutant Magneto again.

From this comic book you can definitely feel how Erik’s past as Magneto still haunts him, almost like his demons follow him everywhere he goes; you can feel the pain and anger he carries with him, especially when he is using steel rods as a skewer for a human. Erik hides all his emotion so that he can focus on his mission and be the saviour the mutants need him to be. Even when the majority of his power has been ripped from his body he is still in such a dark place he is able to reach deep down and massacre a horde of armed forces without any effort whilst causing him mass pain and on the brink of death from having next to no mutant genes left.

As he encounters a Magneto follower she begins to explain the root of Magneto; “I know you. Not just who you are. But what you’re capable of once you grow tired of hiding here in Mayberry. That much anger, that much hate, can’t stay hidden forever. You try…. and it will burn you up inside. Now, though they say you’re not the man you once were, that your powers are weakened. But I’m betting you still remember all those people you couldn’t help even when your abilities where at their peak. I don’t think your powers have anything to do with what you were.”

I think Erik is such an inspirational character because there is a part of us within him, may it be the strength to do what we need to do to be the protector or to be the silent one who is able to hold all the pain inside, as an example to others to show how strong we can be. There is no end to the power of Erik. Even without his powers, they say “I don’t think your powers have anything to do with what you were”, he is a symbol that cannot be broken or destroyed, where there is no limit to his power, no feat that will stop him.

Forgetting the massacres and the origin, we all strive to be a better person and hate the mistakes we have made. We all, like Erik, have our demons that follow us but we shouldn’t be defined by them, we should be defined on how we evolve, from defeating our demons and not our past. We are all the same with differences that make us unique. You are what you are, never be afraid to show it. We all feel pain but we have each other to find the light in our darkest moments.

Thank you and keep reading.