Make your console last longer

  1. Never leave a disc inside the console when you are not using it, and always put a disc back in its case. Do not play with the discs, otherwise they will get scratched. If you are not going to use your console for a very long time, unplug it and pack it away in its box to protect it. Take all discs,memory cards, controllers  and other devices, and store them appropriately.

2.Keep your console away from magnetic forces if it has and internal hard disk, or any storage disk at all as this can harm the contents of the disk and corrupt game saves, and other important files. Avoid exposing the console to direct sunlight, or intense heat. This may warp the exterior, and damage delicate internal components. The same goes for extreme cold. Just keep your console at room-temperature.

3. Be very careful when handling the console. You must not drop it, as doing so will damage delicate parts that make the console work properly. Also, do not drop controllers, DVD remotes or other devices. Do not touch the lens. The lens is what reads the discs you insert, and touching it will leave fingerprints and oil which will stop it from reading them properly. The lens is one of the most vital parts that keep the system working properly.

4.Do not smoke near any electrical appliances, including games consoles. The console’s air intake will ‘breathe’ your smoke, which will clog up the airflow, causing dust to build up. Without proper ventilation, any electrical appliance will overheat, and it will break. Be sure to wipe the air intake fan every once in a while, to get rid of the dust.Unplug all cables that are connected before cleaning the console. Refer to the console’s instruction manual to find out how to clean it.

In summary follow all these tips to keep your console lively. Games consoles can live up to 6-10 years if properly cared for.