In this review I’m going to give you some information about Monster Hunter: World, my opinion on this game and whether it’s a game I think you should pick up and play.

The basis of Monster Hunter: World is in the title, you hunt monsters. Now there is a process to this, you first have to kill the weakest monster that you can handle then once you have killed it, you skin it or capture it (capturing the beast will yield more rewards), you will receive the monster’s parts like horns, tail and carapace to name a few and with these ingredients you will be able to craft gear out of that monster which will let you be able to tackle the harder monsters in the game and you keep doing this process until you can defeat all of them.

In Monster Hunter: World there are 14 different categories of weapons in the game ranging from heavy weapons like Great Swords and Hammers to light weapons like Long Swords (Katanas) and Dual Blades, you even have range weapons like Bows and Heavy Bowguns. They all offer a different play style so I recommend you try them all out to see which one you are comfortable with then stick with it because mastering a weapon type does take time and it also does pay off too. There are also 2 damage types to look for on weapons and that is the Raw Damage (attack) and the Ailment or Element the weapon does; some of those range from ice, sleep and paralysis.

Now how armour works in this game is, there are 8 rarities of armour and weapons in the game; Rarity 1 being the beginner and Rarity 8 being the best and with armour there is a few stats to look out for and that is the general defence for the gear and what type of resistance there is also to the armour. Some of the resistances can be Fire, Water, Dragon and Thunder.

Now taking in all this information and using it to your advantage to make battles against your monsters easier, for example, fighting a beast called the Anjanath is a Fire type monster. Now if you were to craft some armour that is Fire resistant you would be able to take more damage from his Fire attacks and if you were to bring a Water or Ice weapon along you will be able to do more damage to him too, making the fight much easier for you to farm him and get all his parts that he drops.

To conclude, I would say that Monster Hunter: World is a very polished and well-presented game because I haven’t come across any bug issues in the game and I would lose connection to the server only sometimes. Being a new Monster Hunter player myself I did enjoy the story mode within the game but it isn’t a very deep story. I would recommend this game to a player that enjoys to grind for items because that is the bread and butter of this game, I also praise the different types of monsters you have within the game because each monster you come across does have his own move set that you need to learn (except for the Rathalos they have a 3 versions of the Rathalos (Rathalos, Pink Rathalos and Azure Rathalos).

Personally I really enjoy this game and the reason for that is because the game is really polished, the combat is really enjoyable, there is a wide variety of play styles out there, the bosses are fun to hunt and the new content for this game is also going to be free to all players.