Part 1 of my Top 30 amine series.

In this new series of articles, I’ll be counting down my top 30 animie series. In this first part, I’ll be counting down the top 30-21. Best sure to check part 2 and part 3 of this series for the rest of the top 30. All opinions in these series of articles are my own as someone who has loved all these anime series.

30. Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito (Darkness, The Hat and the Travelers of the Books)

R+ Mild Nudity

One of the first anime shows I watched, I found myself pulled into the world, and found myself rooting for Hatsuki to find Hatsumi. The lengths Hatsuki went to find her love was inspiring to say the least.

29. Mahoraba (Heartful Days)


Another one of the first anime series I watched, it was funny and heart-warming. It actually made me feel like I was there amongst the eccentric residents Narutakisou, it’s a very relaxed and simple anime.

28. Gosick

R+17 Violence and Profanity

I honestly didn’t finish this series despite the fact I loved it, but to put it into a single sentence description, I’d say it’s a gender-bent de-aged Sherlock Holmes style story. Where Victorique was Holmes, and Kujou was Watson. Even followed the same formula of the story being told from Kujou’s (Watson’s) point of view.

27. To Aru Kagaku no Railgun (A Certain Scientific Rail Gun)


A spin-off of To Aru Majutsu No Index (A Certain Magical Index). I honestly found myself enjoying this series better than the original, following Electro Master Mikoto was infinitely better than Kamito Touma, though I wish there were more episodes.

26. Angel Beats!


I swear this did not make me cry! Nope! Definitely not! *Cries* Dammit! Seriously though, the story as a whole is funny and had very entertaining fights. But have tissues nearby, you’ll need them.

25. High School of the Dead

R+ Mild Nudity

Honestly one of the strangest and most ridiculous zombie anime series I have seen, and the show wears it on its sleeve right from the start. While the story and the character development showed me an interesting look at the human condition during a zombie outbreak. The serious aspects were broken up by comedic moments, or just plain strange moments. It’s truly sad the writer died, and it won’t continue a new season.

24. Hagure Yuusha no Aesthetica (Aesthetica of the rogue hero)

R+ Mild Nudity

This is a rather niche anime series, you either love it or hate it. Being an adult comedy, it doesn’t pull its punches. It’s an interesting take on what happens to the heroes of Isekai anime (another world a fantasy genre in anime, where the protagonist is summoned to another world to save it from some evil force), and how they are rehabilitated back into society. Even with their new powers and magic intact.

23. Magi, The labyrinth of Magic


Based on One Thousand and One Nights, we follow Aladdin and Alibaba on their quest to explore and conquer the world. I enjoyed the series a lot, it had a great mix of comedy and action to keep me enthralled in the world. Watch it, you won’t be disappointed.

22. Gakusen Toshi Asterisk (The Asterisk War)


This series is one that caught my attention with its sci-fi mixed with fantasy elements. Following along with the mysteries surrounding the floating city Asterisk and the protagonist, including the world outside Asterisk.

21. Girls Bravo: First Season

R+ Mild Nudity

This is again a niche comedy series. While I enjoyed it, I can understand that others might not, and be put off by the fact that it’s a harem anime. Give it a chance though before you pass judgement.