New and upcoming city builders to watch out for in 2019.

City builder games have enjoyed a resurgence in recent years with hits such as Banished, Cities Skylines, and Surviving Mars. Today, will be taking a look at some of the new and upcoming city builders of 2019. We’ll look at some city builders that have already released this year, some that are currently in Early Access, and upcoming ones to watch out for.

Dawn of Man

PC | Madruga Works | 1st March, 2019 | Link

From the developers that brought us Planetbase. Lead a group of prehistoric humans as you guide them from the Stone Age, to the Iron Age. Gather resources, hunt for animals, grow food, fortify your settlement, and prepare for harsh climates.

Tropico 6

PC, PS4, Xbox One | Limbic Entertainment | 29th March, 2019 (PC) | Link

El Presidente returns once again for another empire building adventure. This time around, players will build on multiple archipelagos instead of just one island, and connect them with bridges. Players will need to take care of their actions however, as they can result in consequences from their citizens. Consequences can include decreased productivity, or even an uprising.


PC | GrizzlyGames | 4th April, 2019 | Link

Minimalist city builder that does away with intensive resource management. Build cities on randomly generated islands, and try to get the highest score based on layout. The game now has a sandbox mode.

Anno 1800

PC | Blue Byte | 16th April, 2019 | Link

The seventh instalment in the mighty Anno franchise, this time set during the Industrial Revolution. Anno 1800 sees the return of sandbox mode, multiplayer, randomly generated maps, and AI players. Be sure to check out our buying guide of Anno 1800.

Cliff Empire

PC | Lion’s Shade | 26th April, 2018 (Early Access) | Link

Build and manage three small cities high above the surface of a devastated Earth, and create trading routes between them. Space and resources are limited. Extreme weather will test the strength of your settlements. Cliff Empire is currently in Early Access, but may get a full release this year.


PC | Correcture Games AB | 30th July, 2019 (Early Access) | Link

Have you ever wanted to build cities without the constraints of gravity? Atmocity has you covered. Create production chains, establish trade contracts, and introduce policies to meet the needs of your citizens. Atmocity will include a campaign mode, and a free-roaming mode.


PC | Pajama Llama Games | 2019 (Early Access) | Link

Survive a post-apocalyptic world by building a moving, floating town from garbage on top of the ocean. Scavenge for resources by exploring ruins, underwater settlements, coral reefs, and more. Flotsam is releasing sometime this year on Steam in Early Access.

Buildings Have Feelings Too!

PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch | Blackstaff Games | Summer 2019 | Link

Set in a universe where buildings can walk and talk to each other. Play as a walking, talking hotel as you manage the needs of your fellow buildings, whilst you grow your city.