A look at the new Delve League for Path of Exile, the mechanics and my opinions on them so far as of patch 3.4.1 on Xbox One.

We’ll start of with a little bit about Path of Exile. If you haven’t heard of the game, it’s a hack and slash game similar to Diablo 3 or Titan Quest, but the difference with Path of Exile is how much more in-depth the game is with the Passive Skill Tree and how skills work. Next, we’ll talk about the skills within the game. It’s a little different because you can use what ever skills you like no matter what class you choose. The gear in the game works in the way of sockets and colours, the colours being red, green, blue

So, all you need to do is find a piece of gear with the correct colour socket you want to use and then have the required red (strength) green (dexterity) or blue (intellect) to use that skill.

As you can see (top image), this is my character for the Delve League and you can see I mainly use green skills (dexterity).

Now we can talk about the new mechanic to this league called Delving, this is Path of Exile’s version of endless dungeon running. You acquire a resource called Voltaxic Sulphite, you use this to power up your crawler to begin Delving. The longer you Delve, the more Sulphite will be consumed. Also, when Delving you can gain a resource called Azurite. This resource allows you to upgrade your crawler so you can go deeper into the mine, it also lets you upgrade your consumable items like Flares and Dynamite. The reason why you need Flares is because of a mechanic called Darkness. This is spread throughout the mine and can damage you if you go into it, so you use Flares as a way to get light, to get rid of the damage debuff and be able to explore away from the path that the crawler takes. The reason for the Dynamite is for blowing up open walls to allow you to access parts of the mine you otherwise can’t access in order to gain more loot.

For the rewards, you can get out of Delving, which is very useful because they come in the way of Resonators and Fossils. These are used for crafting your gear so you can get near to perfect roles on your gear, making you more powerful, but this is a gamble so you will need a lot. There are many types of Fossils and each of them do different kinds of things. Also, there are 3 tiers of Resonators. 

Delving is a very good and welcomed mechanic in Path of Exile and I hope it stays because the end game is the mapping process. After you finish mapping, there is nothing really left for you to do. So this endless dungeon running can be a useful thing for people to push their builds and see how far they can go down. It’s also another way for you to make currency and gain all the gear you need without mapping. So if you don’t like mapping, you don’t have to do those, you can just Delve.