Video gaming highlights from PAX West 2018.

It might be fair to say that gaming culture festival PAX West was rather sparse this year when it came to video games. Perhaps this was due to how close it was to Gamescom, QuakeCon and E3. Nonetheless, we were treated to some more interesting information from upcoming video games. Here are the video gaming highlights from PAX West 2018.

Devil May Cry V

This year we were treated to some more information for Devil May Cry V revealing two new modes: Photo mode, and Gallery mode. The former enabling players to create epic screenshots in-game. Gallery mode is a compendium of art and information regarding all the demons, weapons, and Devil Breakers.

For this conference, the various versions of the Devil Breaker arms that replaced Nero’s arm he lost in the E3 trailer, were fleshed out. The Devil Breaker can carry up to four cartridges by default, with eight being the total number available. The Devil Breaker is a specialized artificial appendage that has eight different types of which Nero is able to use. Each Devil Breaker connects to the base of his arm, making them easily replaceable. The base Devil Breaker contains the Wire Snatch ability, which behaves exactly as the Snatch moves from the Devil Bringer. It pulls small enemies onto Nero but pushes Nero onto larger enemies. This move is available by default even if Nero has no Devil Breaker part equipped.

All types contain one “Break-Away” move that instantly breaks the arm, however, this Break-Away move can allow Nero to evade certain enemy attacks. Another way the arm breaks is by getting hit while performing any Devil Breaker attack or using a charged Devil Breaker attack.

In each mission, Nico has scattered several Devil Breakers throughout the stage for Nero, but he can also obtain them by answering the red telephone booth, which prompts Nico to show up in her Devil May Cry van and sell Nero items. The arms available so far are:

  • The Overture – The first arm, which performs electricity-based attacks.
  • The Gerbera – A Devil Breaker that launches shockwaves from its petal-shaped complex reverberatory furnace. The recoil can be used for instantaneous movement, and converging the shockwaves makes it fire a high-output energy beam. Beautiful design belies tremendous firepower, provides airborne movement and piercing beam attacks. Good against strong flying opponents.
  • Ragtime – A Devil Breaker similar to Dante’s Quicksilver slowing time.
  • Punch Line – A rocket punch that Nero can control remotely and ride like a skateboard.
  • Tomboy – Which increases the power of Blue Rose and Red Queen.
  • Buster Arm – Which mimics Nero’s old arm at the cost of durability, enabling him to throw demons around with ease.
  • Helter Skelter – A drill arm that has three stages of damage.
  • Rawhide – A bladed whip arm.

More information is likely to be released at the Tokyo Gaming Show on 20th-23rd September 2018.

The Quiet Man

Other games making a showing at PAX West 2018 was The Quiet man, a very strange game where there is no speech and the protagonist is deaf and a martial artist. While intriguing as a concept, it doesn’t look like it’s fun playing. It relied heavily on filmed footage for its cutscenes and was a bit jarring when it transitioned to gameplay due to the difference in quality.

Ashes of Creation

More information surfaced regarding the MMORPG Ashes of creation, the closed alpha 1.44 will be launching soon and four months later those who are registered on the game’s website will be invited to play for free as a stress test of the game’s servers.

Hitman 2

Hitman 2 showed a short trailer called Welcome to the Jungle but it was sparse and mostly focused on the environment.

Praey for the Gods

Praey for the Gods released some alpha gameplay footage of one of the titular gods and was showing off the game’s puzzle solving and platforming elements. The gods themselves seem to be similar to how you took down colossi in Shadow of the Colossus so it’ll be familiar to fans of that game.