Kevin Freshwater has taken the comedy world by storm with his online hit sensations ‘Public Nuisance’, ‘How to be annoying’, ‘Will you be my girlfriend on Instagram’ & (the classic we all loved to play) ‘The floor is lava’!!

Young, fresh and talented, Freshwater recently stared on ‘Funny is the new Sexy!’ getting himself on the Wall of Comedy!! Kevin has also teamed up with his friend Jack Jones to bring smiles and tears of laughter to the world with great pranks and brilliant comedy!!!

Back in a simpler more organic time, before the high tech craze hit the world, Kevin like many of you was addicted to the Game Boy 1 finding it almost impossible to put it down! Freshwater (Like many at EOB HQ) appreciates classic consoles such as the Nintendo & Sega Megadrive, as well as the classic video games like Mario Bro’s, Street Fighter & one of everyone’s all time favorites, Tetris. Classic video games and side splitting pranks, Kevin gets a big thumbs up from the EOB team. Its Sure to say you can expect some big things from this young comedy prodigy in years to come so keep your ears to the ground!!!!