For the past couple of weeks, @bethesda has been teasing various stock images that kept making references to 14/5/2018. So like any good writer I went back to their twitter and my reward for doing so? It’s full of videos and images revealing a new game, Rage 2 ahead of E3, the Mecca of game developers and gamers alike.

Rage 2, a sequel to Rage; a first person shooter action-adventure game set in a post apocalyptic wasteland. The game is developed by Id Software known for several popular first person shooters (Doom, Quake and Castle Wolfenstein) it wouldn’t be a lie to say that they are the fathers of the first person shooter genre.

The live action release trailer is chaotic and violent just like the game’s predecessor, where various characters dressed in Wastelander fashion, fight, drink, scream and generally causing mayhem all to the dulcet tones of Andrew WK’s “Get Ready To Die.  At the end we have a promise of a worldwide release of gameplay likely live today. I don’t know about those of you reading this, but I am officially hyped and sufficiently ready to gush over this reveal and for E3 coming June 12th-14th.