Would you say that single player games as a whole are still a big experience for the average gamer?

For me I would say that for the average gamer, single player games are not a game that they would pick up and play unless it is already a well-known property (like God of War, Assassins Creed and Wolfenstein) then maybe they will pick those games up if they are getting a little burnt out from the games they are playing for the time being.

My reason for thinking this is look at the most popular games at the moment, it’s all multiplayer games and that does make sense. The reason for that is multiplayer games can be played with friends which makes the whole gaming experience much more enjoyable because you can create fun moments like playing Battlefield 1 and defending a capture point together against the enemy team, you could also take that a step further and go into Major League Gaming and compete against other teams. You could also say another reason why multiplayer games are really popular is the whole replay value aspect with being able to farm the same mission over and over with friends to get better gear or playing the same game modes over and over.

While on the other hand, single player games are a one time experience, you load up a single player game for the story. An example of this could be the new God of War, most people know the name, some have played the previous games before and now they want to pick up the new one and see what happens to the character that they like and see what they do. Now once they have finished the main story some people like to then just shelve the game and say “Wow! That was a great experience!” while others will try to collect every collectible within the game to 100% complete it. But once they have done this, there is nothing really left for them to do, unlike multiplayer games.

To conclude, I would say that single player games aren’t as big as they used to be with the whole player base being mainly centred around multiplayer gaming but that doesn’t mean that single player games are dead or unpopular. People still play and enjoy single player games (myself included) for their intense story or gameplay elements but I would say that companies don’t make as many single player games as they used to because they don’t make enough money as multiplayer games because they can add in things like loot boxes and microtransactions to multiplayer games to earn them even more money and they can keep this going for the life span of that game by making new skins for guns and characters. While single player games usually will have a season pass with some DLC to it, like a new area to explore and a new story to complete, those have a fixed price so once the person has bought those and played them that’s the end of that game.